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    Default Road Trip in April

    Hey there!
    I am going on a mini road trip in April. I'm flying into Minnesota and plan to go to Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota.
    I was wondering if any of you could recommend places to go in these states?


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    Default Upper Midwest Highlights

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    To some extent that will depend on how much time you've got to devote to your RoadTrip but just some of the highlights of that neck of the woods are these sites in South Dakota, the Oregon Trail in western Nebraska, St. Louis and environs in Missouri, and the Amana Colonies in Iowa. But remember, these are just the highlights. If you have specific interests, the regulars might be able to offer some other places.


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    Thanks so much for the info.
    I'm only staying for 2 weeks. I'm going on another road trip in the Summer for about a month and a half - I'll be doing the Southern belt then,
    I'm really excited to be going on these trips.
    America is beautiful and I want to explore every State!

    Can I ask a really daft question?! What are the Badlands in N/S Dakota?
    Anyone been there?

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    Default Not So Daft

    'Badlands' is a general geologic term that refers to heavily and unevenly eroded sedimentary rock formations. In the Dakotas, the underlying sedimentary rocks are sandstones and siltstones, and the erosion has been by a mix of water and wind activity. But that's the how. What's really important is that the sediments contain various layers, each of which is colored slightly differently due to the inclusion of clays, iron oxides, and other impurities; and the erosion has produced one of the weirdest and other-worldly landscapes on the face of the Earth.

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    Default Not just south

    First of all, the badlands are a pretty incredible place. I'd try to describe it, but sometimes a picture is really worth a thousand words.

    If I had only 2 weeks, I don't think I would head down to Missouri and Iowa, instead, I think I would focus on a loop going west, then north, and back. I'd head out across the prairies of Western Minnesota and South Dakota to the Badlands and then the black hills. From there, I'd work north towards Teddy Roosevelt National Park. Then I'd start heading back across the wheat fields of North Dakota for the pine forests of northern Minnesota, stopping at places like the Mississippi River's birthplace at Lake Itaska, or maybe renting a canoe to explore the motor-free boundry waters of Voyagers NP. From there, I'd make my way down the scenic north shore of Lake Superior and head back home.

    This trip would give you a nice cross section, with tastes of the farms of the plains, a touch of the west, and a bit of the northwoods.

    But then, that's what I would do. You haven't really told us what sorts of things you find interesting.

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    Default Lincoln Highway

    Going through Iowa and Nebraska, I'd recommend the Lincoln Highway, the oldest transcontinental highway in the US, dating to 1913.

    My wife and I especially like the Omaha and Council Bluffs area.

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    Default Black Hills area

    If you are in the Badlands area, you should be sure and tour the Mt Rushmore-Deadwood area. LOTS of stuff to do....Also, as Midwest Michael said, try and get to Itasca State Park, to see the beginning of the Mississippi River.

    have fun and be safe.


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    Default Changed the whole thing!

    Ok, we've now changed the entire thing,
    We're going to SD, WY, MT and ND, then back to MN.

    Any good places we could see! I've got the usual...Deadwood, Cody...just wondering if there's any little places I could add.

    Thanks ;)

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    Default A couple ideas

    Two state parks along the way that I've enjoyed in the past include Makoshika State Park near Glendive, MT and Fort Abe Lincoln outside of Bismark, ND. That section of I-94 will also take you past "Home on the Range", ND.

    Stopping at the Minute Man Missle site in SD near the badlands is also a stop I want to visit the next time I'm out that way.

    What stops have you already decided on?

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