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    Hi Everyone,

    Myself and my partner are planning a road trip for September 2007. I've poured over guide books, maps and read various threads on this forum and am now more confused than ever!! :o)

    Until I started looking at all the maps I had no real concept on the vastness of the USA.

    Ideally we would like to start and finish in Las Vegas. We want to spend a couple of days in Vegas (either at the start or end of the trip) and then drive/visit the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, down to Phoenix and Tombstone. Across to the White Sands, through Roswell and up to Sante Fe. From Sante Fe head via Taos and Durango, up to Moab and back down to Vegas (Obviously taking in some of the fantastic National Parks on the way).

    Is it at all possible to do this in 3 weeks or am I being over ambitious? If I am being over ambitious, what would you suggest I cut out to make the trip feasible?

    Sorry to repeat questions and to ask for advice that you've no doubt handed out before but when you live on a small island like the UK driving to the local supermarket is considered to be a road trip!!

    Many thanks in advance

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    Default No problem with time!

    Hi Roni!

    Even if I´m not from US, my opinion is that it shouldn´t be any problem to take your roadtrip in three weeks. It is roughly 2500-3000miles, depending on detours for extra scenic roads. Your planned sites to visit is well inside a daytrip away, and most days you have to drive 150 miles or so, and most people doesn´t have any problem with that. You will have a lot of time to get out of the car and really have a great trip.

    Bernt Bergkvist
    Stockholm, Sweden

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    Default Plenty of Time

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The trip you've outlined for yourself s 'only' about 2170 miles. Now I know that sounds like a lot to a Brit, but around here that's just getting warmed up. If all you were going to do was just drive those roads, it would take you 4 to 5 days. So you see you'll have two weeks to explore the many cities, parks, scenery and other attractions along the way. Now that you know this trip is eminently feasible, go have another look at those maps, and do searches through these forums for people who have also traveled through the area (Hint: Use the Search function on the toolbar above and enter some of the places you'll be visiting.) There's a lot more to see and do than the Southwest's Greatest Hits, and you'll have time for them.

    By the way, I, for one, love it that in Britain it can be a RoadTrip to the market, that there are such things as 'B' roads, and that you still have "single track roadways".


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    Default easy crusing

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I agree with Berra, you should have no problems covering this loop in three weeks. By the time you make youre detours and stops, you'll be looking at about 2500 miles or so which is easy to cover in that time frame. As with any trip, you'll probably find places you'd like to spend more time, but I don't think you will feel rushed at all.

    And of course the best thing about a loop trip like this, is that you are never really that far away from your return point. Even at the farthest points of your trip, you'll only be 2 long days away from Las Vegas, so if you end up behind schedule and are running out of time, you can also skip a few places and head straight back.

    Take your time, relax, and enjoy the trip, you're going to have a great time!

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    I can't thank you guys enough for your advice!!

    I'm now so excited I may just pop!!

    Huge thanks once again!! What a fantastic forum!


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