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    Default Lax to LV? Adventure route?

    Going to Las Vegas to watch the Endurocross in November. Anyway got a car for three of us with a one way rental from LAX to LAS. I know we could just fly over for $49 but wanted to try a road trip. I have done this trip a few times before however this time we will be arriving around 4pm on a Tuesday. I'm sure the traffic will be bad in LA. What time does the traffic slow down. We were going to try to make it to Primm and stay there for the night. But may consider doing a little traveling either to Arizona or Reno on the way to Vegas. Any ideas? Open to all ideas/routes.


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    Default A long detour

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm not entirely certain that traffic in LA ever does slow down. However, I'd say if you want to be reasonably clear of traffic problems, you'll have to wait until at least 8 or 9 pm.

    As far as route options, have you really taken a look at just how big the state of Nevada is? Reno is almost 500 miles away from Vegas, and in fact, LA to Reno is only about 50 miles farther than Reno to Vegas. I don't know how much time you have, but I wouldn't consider Reno an "on the way" destination from LA to LV.

    Now there are a lot of things that are much closer to on the way, Death Valley, or the Grand Canyon are feasable detours. You could also head out towards Joshua Tree NP, and then work your way up the Colorado River towards Vegas.

  3. Default Route of LA to LV..

    Hi flush..

    You'll be hitting LA traffic pretty much in the midst of rush hour. I figure that you'll get your luggage and find the rental car and hit the road probably by about 5-5:30 PM. Now, there's one trick you can try to really speed you out of the city..

    A lot (but not all) of LA's freeways have carpool lanes -- restricted lanes on the inside of the freeway which are only to be used by cars with 2 or more people in them. Typically they'll be moving 20-30 mph faster in rush hour. But they are restricted access, with entrances and exits only every mile or two. (Its just painted lines on the road, but the fine is like $400 if you cut across the lines, and just about everyone obeys...)

    Duck south from LAX about a mile and take the 105 freeway east. It has a carpool lane. The 105 ends on the 605 freeway -- take it north about 5-10 miles and then take the 60 freeway east. It has a carpool lane for almost its entire length. (Or you can go another 10 miles and take the 210 freeway east -- this parallels the 60 freeway about 10 miles north, has a carpool lane, and is usually pretty fast). You can take that to the I-15 which leads you towards Vegas. Using this route, the only rush hour traffic that will really slow you down is most probably on the I-15 going over the Cajon Pass to Victorville, where 2 freeways feed together to go up over the mountains into the high desert.

    For an adventure route -- one option would be to head due east from LA, and spend the night in Yucca Valley or 29 Palms. Then the next day (and this is a full day) to visit Joshua Tree National Park, then gas up the car in 29 Palms and cut north to Amboy through the desert (2 lane paved road, pretty good highway), past Amboy Crater (historically recent volcanic crater) on old Route 66, then through the Mojave National Preserve stopping at Cima, and ending up at Las Vegas via Stateline. That will take you through parts of the Mojave that few people go to, but its all on good quality paved roads. I would make sure I'd leave 29 Palms with a full tank of gas, as there are few gas stations along this route, and you might want to pack a picnic (no fast food places either...).
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    This is the kind of info I wanted. I dont mind a stay at a motel for a night on the way over. I also enjoyed the read on the guys that took 12 hrs and lost the walet and jacket in the desert shortcut. That was a good one.

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    Default Another Option: Death Valley

    Quote Originally Posted by flush View Post
    Open to all ideas/routes.
    Several of our correspondents drive from LAX to Las Vegas via Death Valley. Here is one of those threads, chock full of ideas -- read the entire thread!

    Glad you enjoyed the story of the desert shortcut!

    Happy Planning!


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