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    I am planning a roadtrip for this fall and there will be a few nights where I will be on my own. What I would like to do is stay at a campground and sleep in my large SUV. I am a city girl and do not know if this is safe, and do not know where to look to find reputable campgrounds. A few areas I am looking for are Montana, Southern Oregon and North Carolina. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    Default Yes, it's safe

    Many of us camp solo a lot. I have never had a problem.

    Most any established campground will be safe. While I prefer camping in secluded areas when I'm with my family or a group, I do tend to choose camping sites in locations with lots of people around when I'm solo. Some errant whacko is far less likely to be a problem when there are numerous campers within shouting distance.

    The main thing is to use common sense. Have a well-honed personal safety radar system in working order. If you don't feel safe somewhere, don't stay there.

    Check out the Roadtrip Books section (yellow tabs above). There are several guidebooks listed that rate and recommend campgrounds. I would feel confident staying in anyplace that gets a good grade in these books.

    You might do a search on "solo" or "solo travel" using the Search function (green tab above). You will find lots of posts about solo traveling to give you good ideas related to this and other solo travel issues.

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