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    Enormous apologies if there are already posts on this topic. I couldn't find exactly what i was looking for, and hoped that someone might be able to give me a little quick advice. I have ten days for a roadtrip starting in LA on 13 September and ending in LA um 10 days later. I want to include Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon but those are about the only destinations I'm certain about. I have driven around Caliornia before but haven't really done much of Arizona and the little that I saw of it was very beautiful so I thought it might be nice to explore a little more. I don't really want to drive for much more than 4 hours a day and would quite like to avoid cities and see more of rugged countryside and dusty old towns. If anyone has any suggested destinations/stop-offs, I would be immensely grateful! The advice I received from this forum before my last roadtrip was very helpful!!! Many thanks!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    Well, yes, that neck of the woods has been 'mentioned' once or twice, but that doesn't mean it doesn't bear repeating. Here are several things to do within a few hours of the Grand Canyon and a thread with some things to do between L.A. and Las Vegas.


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    Great! Thank you!!

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