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  1. Default Travelling from Boston to Niagara 3 days


    We are three families, each with a kid or two are planning a road trip to Niagara from near boston.

    Few queries:

    1. Looking for places on the way so that I just do not drive up like 16 hours to spend 2 hours at Niagara.
    2. If there is nothing, Is it worth going to Niagara ?
    3. There are lot of nice Places around Boston and we have seen just one - Downtown boston. Does it make sense to loose that and go to Niagara?


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    Default what is the goal?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I've got to say, from your questions, I get the impression that you don't really want to go to Niagra. If that's the case, then why don't you just stick around Boston and see some of those things?

    I think the falls are pretty amazing, and there are also plenty of other touristy things in the Niagra area. But I can't tell you if its something that you would enjoy, particualrly with the amount of time it will take for you to get there.

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    Thanks Mike.

    It is not that I do not want to go Niagara.. I am just confused about , it is worth the 3 day trip if there is nothing that I can see on the way.

    Or should I plan trip when I have more days and then it can be useful ?


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    Default Nothing on the Way?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    The drive from Boston to Niagara can be a very beautiful journey with lots for the kids to do (including learn a little history in a relatively painless manner.) Here are just a few of the possibilities.

    As you head out through Massachusetts, there's Old Sturbridge Village a 'living history' recreation of a 19th century town. You can then head on north a bit and use the Mohawk Trail through the Berkshires. Once in New York, you'll be following the Erie Canal or as it is less romantically known today, the New York State Barge Canal, through the scenic wine producing region known as the Finger Lakes, and finally pass by one of the area's great hidden gems, Letchworth State Park.

    Are you sure three days is enough to even get you to Niagara?


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    Default Timeframe

    I'm a little confused here. What is your available time frame to make this trip? Do you have a week? Two? Three days? If you are planning to take three days up and three days back, and spend a day or two there, the drive can be very rewarding. Buck has given some very good suggestions (I've been to all except Letchworth). That said, it still depends on how much everyone in the group likes to travel. "Are we there yet?"

    Or, you can explore the Boston area - there is much to see there as well, beyond downtown Boston. Spending a day in that city is very enjoyable - stop in Little Italy for a gelato after a good meal, follow the Freedom Trail, visit the museums, or just hang out and watch the street performers at Faneuil Hall (a couple of months ago, we witnessed someone spinning another person on their head, without holding him up with his hands...ouch!)

    Would you be unable to explore Boston if you go to Niagara, or is it something you could do another time? (ie - are you from the Boston area, or just visiting?)

    The Canadian side of Niagara is like a carnival - wax museums, kitschy shops, beer gardens, etc. The falls themselves are breathtaking to behold, too.

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    Default By All Means, Go to Niagara

    It just one of those places you need to say you've seen. If you have the time, go see it and get away from the Boston traffic hassle. Also, as AZBuck says, check out the Erie Canal on the way. Toronto's not that much farther away from Niagara Falls. However, upon crossing the border you'll be with kilometers.

    Take some of the smaller roads if you can.

    At least you were able to spell it correctly. For years, I thought it was spelled Niagra. I have to admit that I just retired as a teacher after 33 years and one day, in class, a student told me I had spelled it wrong. I said that was impossible. I'm the teacher, and I know how to spell it. You learn new things every day. Dumb teacher.

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

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