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  1. Default 2 Days in Boston

    Hi everyone

    We are planning a fun visit to Boston (from Toronto).

    We are arriving Saturday morning, and leaving Monday morning.

    Given that time frame, does anyone have any suggestions on 'must-do' things?


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    Default Boston in a Nutshell

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    To be perfectly honest, and believe me I'm NOT giving you short shrift, I can't do better than this post by another Moderator, and fellow Canadian, Gen. Perhaps if you have specific interests, we could point you to other sights and sounds, but Gen's list really is the 'Best of Boston'.


  3. Default My Favorite City

    -Freedom Trail
    -DUCK TOUR!!! Very fun
    -see RED SOX play at Fenway
    -Prudential Building, go to the sky walk and take the audio tour
    -Boston Public Gardens
    -Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (have not been but hear it is fantastic)
    -USS Constitution
    -New England Aquarium
    -Museum of Science- especially if you have kids
    -Lunch at a sidewalk cafe
    -Casa Romero-Awesome mexican food, reasonable, very well hidden
    -Legal Sea Foods
    -Bunker Hill (don't climb if you are very claustrophobic, but killer views from tiny windows)
    -John Hancock Hotel has an awesome location, decent place for around $100
    -Newberry Guest House is also neat
    -Have an awesome Trip!!!

  4. Default Trip to Boston

    I would say if you are into sprorts, you gotta at least go to Fenway Park. Granted tickets are hard to come by, but take some pictures outside the park. If the team is out of town, there are tours you can take.

    If you like science, the aforementioned Museum of Science is nice, and if the weather is good you can go to the Public Gardens and walk around or take a swan boat ride.

    Try to sample some of the local food, like seafood or some fine Italian food in the city's North End.

    Either way - have fun and enjoy our great city.

  5. Default Thanks all

    Thank you for the information.

    I have printed out all your posts, and will take them with us.

    Thank you!


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