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  1. Default US-82 from Alabama to N. Texas

    Does anyone have any info on congestion/road conditions for US-82 from Ala. to N. Texas? I am thinking of using it instead of I-20, but I want to get an idea of how much time I will lose. Thanks.

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    Default Time and distance

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America forum!

    While I don't have any experience in the deep South (Alabama, Mississippi, etc), I have generally found being off the Interstates to take at least from 20-40% longer to get to the destination, depending on time of day, ie - If the bulk of your travel is outside of the normal commute times. This also assumes there is no construction on either the US route nor the Interstate. Sometimes the US route can be faster for short stretches.

    You can also check here for more of what you need.

  3. Default Us-82

    Thanks. I agree, but some US routes, especially in the Plains and out west, are just as quick as interstates due to the lack of use. US-212 is a great alternative to I-90 from Wyoming into Montana.

  4. Default Alabama to Fort Worth

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a trip from N. Alabama to Fort Worth via non-interstate roads? I want to make good time, but I would like to not have to take I-20 the whole way. And, I would like to do it in a day. It would be a long day, but it might be worth it. Thanks.

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    Default I'd stick to the I

    I love getting off the interstates when I have time, but I don't see how you have the time for this trip.

    Birmingham to Ft. Worth is more than 650 miles - which means by the time you figure in gas stops and other quick breaks you're already looking at a 12+ hour day on the road.

    If you had more time, It looks like you would have two other options: US-82 from Tuscaloosa to Texarkana, or if you are starting farther north you could take US-72 to Memphis and then I-40 and I-30 into the Metroplex.

    But again, if you are trying to make this trip in one day, I think you'll be much better off trying to take the fastest route, which will likely be I-20 the whole way.

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