I'm considering taking a 4-6 day long road trip with my gf in late august from NYC.

Which direction should we head in? (North, West, South) (she votes north to canada and i vote south to get some BBQ and to drive deals gap)

We don't really have a destination in mind, but wanted to just take the scenic/back roads and stop wherever seemed interesting. (ie: roadside diners, any nearby attractions, parks, kinda just soak up the environment)

I've never done a trip like this before so I dont know how far to estimate we can drive a day (seeing that there is no destination, it makes it hard to estimate.. is there some kind of 'timeSpentAtattraction per mile' ratio or something? I was thinking of possibly camping every other day to save $$.. but i'm not sure if my gf would be into that (plus we'll be in a miata, so space will be at a premium).

North, I was thinking hitting cape cod for a day, maybe freeport then maybe into quebec?

West, not sure whats out there..

South, i'd like to head into the deep south b/c ive never been there and the south has always held a mystique for me. but i'm not sure if NC/SC is too far.. (im also a big fan of bbq)..

btw. i'm also a grad student who has VERY little money.. so any ideas to save money would be helpful too. (this idea resulted because i figure that it would be more adventurous/cheaper to just drive for a few days arather than fly to some touristy place, rent a car, rent a hotel etc..)

We'll also be travelling in a mazda miata.. so we wont have very much space (was considering camping a few days.. but this is probably out). and while i have little $$, i actually have a decent # of hilton honors points accumulated when i worked.. so this is another option for housing.. but i dont anticpate finding many hilton family hotels in out of the way towns.

So any helpful ideas of what to do, places to see?