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    Hi all.

    My first message on this forum, so greetings !!

    am planning to drive from vancouver to san francisco (31st august-2nd september) and since this is my first visit to the WEST COAST, i have no idea which route to take and where to stop.

    I have three days in all, so would appreciate suggestions on the most scenic route and places to visit within this time frame.

    i fly onwards from san francisco to las vegas

    hope someone can guide me. tks a lot

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    I'm doing this trip in a week away from now and I have only 2 days to do it. From the responses to my similar question, it seems like it would be better if you can extend it a day or two so you can do the coast highway (101) along Oregon and California.

    For my run, I might have just enough time to check out the Shasta caves which looks like it isn't far from the I-5 I'll be taking.

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    Default Yes, more days to do the coast!

    Of course, to say you've been to the West Coast, you really must spend as least a bit of time on the coast, right?

    It is possible to do the coastal drive in 3 days but you won't have much time to explore. But, if you don't mind long driving days and seeing most of the sights from the car, it can be done.

    I-5 is the other main route. Parts of it are quite nice but it's only a fraction as scenic as the coastal route.

    Any chance you can add some more days? Even if you can't, try and do the coast. Just know that you'll need to get up early and drive late but, if you do that, you can do a lot of short stops along the way.

    If you decide to do this, let us know and we can help you with more specifics.

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