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    Default Oregon/California border ideas

    Hey all,

    I was just trying to get some input on what might be better to do on my way back from Bend next month.
    My dad and I are taking a seven-day fishing/roadtrip. We're gonna leave from Lodi, CA and drive straight through to Olympia, WA with a detour to Mt. St. Helens on the first day. A lot of driving, but my friend and I did this exact leg in March with less daylight and it was do-able.
    From there we are gonna go visit Mt. Rainier National Park and probably sleep in Yakima that night. From there we head to Bend, OR to fish the Deschutes and Crooked Rivers, play some golf, and enjoy what I think will someday be my future home town. We plan on spending 4 days in Bend.
    Is there anything noteworthy of seeing between Yakima and Bend?
    The day we leave Bend, we are gonna spend the day hikin around Crater Lake. And start our way home. This is where I need some ideas.
    I could see us cutting across to the coast to see the giant redwoods. Coming down the center and checking out the Lava Beds National Monument (is this a worthy stop?). From there I'd want to go towards Burney, CA and see Burney Falls before cutting back to I-5 in Redding.
    Or the last way, I've kind of always wanted to see what Goose Lake looks like, that is one area of California I have never even come close to seeing. Is this a nice ride? We'd come down through Alturas back to Redding.

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