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    My wife and I are moving for work to Boston. All our stuff will go separately and we will have about 10 days or so in August to drive from San Francisco to Boston. We'd like to see some country and camp. Any interesting ideas or routes? Does 10 days sound like a good amount of time? Thanks!

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    Ten days is time enough for a leisurely transcontinental RoadTrip, but you will have to keep an eye on the time as you progress. It would be so easy to get lost in the beauty of the country you're going to be crossing. The most direct route is simply I-80 to Chicago where you'd join I-90 for the remainder of the trip into Boston. But with the extra 3 or 4 days you have over what would be required for that straight shot, I'm going to suggest that you look into an alternative routing through the western US. There is an awful lot to be seen in the region of the country that you're going to be leaving (for a while, at least) so think about stocking up on some memories by first heading east through Yosemite then down through Death Valley to Las Vegas. From there head up I-15 through Zion and Bryce (with a possible side trip to the north rim of the Grand Canyon) to I-70 east through the Rockies to the Denver/Boulder area and a stop in Rocky Mountain National Park. Rejoin I-80 and do the Oregon Trail in reverse along the North Platte River. Stop and experience the quiet lifestyle of the Amana Colonies in Iowa. Once you're by Chicago, you're within a day or two of Boston, and the sights can be saved for short trips from your new home. Anyway, that's one way to look at your trip. There are others, so speak up about what appeals to you and what doesn't about such a journey. Camping is, of course, possible anywhere along your route. Besides the National Parks (get a National Parks Pass if you plan on hitting more than a couple), there are commercial campgrounds, and my favorite - state parks. This sounds like it will be a great time for the two of you, enjoy it.


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