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    Are hostels really safe for young females traveling alone? And how do you find them?

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    Hostels have gotten pretty mixed reviews here. I've personally used American Hostels a handful of times when traveling alone and never had any problems. That said, others have not had the same experiences, so you may want to search the forum.

    I think hostels are basically safe, as long as you use some common sense. You are sharing space with lots of strangers, so certainly there is the risk of something happening - particularly having your stuff stolen, but most places do offer lockers or other ways to store your things.

    I will also point out that hostels charge by the person, making them great for solo travelers. However, if there are more than 2 people, it is generally cheaper just to find a motel.

    In terms of finding hostels, it looks like has got a good directory that includes reviews. There is also the site for Hosteling International, although that appears to only have the ones that are directly affiliated with that group.

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    thanks for the search tips. I will check them out and get a feel for them in person. Not sure if I am gutsy enough to stay in one yet.

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    Default Mostly a matter of taste

    Quote Originally Posted by kcstockdale
    Not sure if I am gutsy enough to stay in one yet.
    It really isn't that scary -- but it is a matter of personal space. If you don't mind a "dorm-like" lodging experience they can be fun. Personally, I haven't found that appealing since college (a few decades ago) but several of our regulars do use the Hostel system. As you have probably read in our other posts, the hostel tradition never caught on with the same level of fervor and appreciation as in countries across the pond.


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    I am just so affraid of getting robbed or attacked. I have a friend of a friend that runs the Orbit in Hollywood. I have hung out there a few times but never stayed the night. It creeped me out. I think I would feel better about it if I werent going to be alone. But I also think it would be an interesting experience so I am going to give it a shot.

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    While there is the chance of getting attacked pretty much anywhere, there are generally quite a few people milling around a hostel at all times. I can't think of any examples of people being attacked inside a hostel, and I'd put the danger level inside one being about as likely as being attacked inside a shopping mall.

    Most people you'll come across in a hostel are just like you; young travelers who don't have a lot of money. You'll probably find a lot of foreign travelers, but I've never come across anyone I'd describe as threatening.

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    thanks Michael. You have given me some piece of mind. I think I will do it!! I'll let y'all know how it goes!

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