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Thread: North to Alaska

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    imported_Phil Guest

    Default North to Alaska

    I'm moving to Fairbanks at the end of May and was wondering if I could get some info from those of you that have driven the Alcan before. I have the Milepost and all that other good stuff so more or less just wanted some personal opinions. I am curious about good places to camp or cheap hotels. I am starting in Minneapolis and going 94 W to 29 N to the border. Continuing North to Winnipeg then NW through Yorkton, Edmonton, then up to Dawson Creek for the Alcan the rest of the way! Any info on this or anything else in general I could get would be great! Thanks!

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    Default Oooh

    I can't wait to see some good answers to THIS post! This is a trip I've been wanting to do for many years! :)

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    Default Tour Coupons are worth it

    We haven't done this trip yet either -- I know there are some lurkers out there who are experienced -- hopt this post draws you in...

    Scott McMurren has been publishing a coupon book for a number of years -- it is a good investment for travelers along the AlCan -- check out: for more information.

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    Lynn Guest

    Default Alaska road trip

    This is the first time I've read and/or replyed to any post, so I hope I do it right. Anyway, about driving to Alaska. I did it alone in my little Kia Sephia in 2000. Started in Mass., went down to Key West, FLA., along Mexican border and north through US, British Columbia, Yukon, to Alaska!!! 21,000 miles in 3 months. The cheapest way to travel is to stay in "Hostels". Hostels are located all over the world. Most are neat, clean, and safe. And you'll meet people from all over the world who stay at them. There is a hostel in Dawson City & Whitehorse in the Yukon, Tok, Alaska, Fairbanks, and many more. Check out the hostel websites to find out how to get a hostel guidebook. It's worth a million dollars when you're traveling!! I could go on and on talking about the Alaska trip (and give my web site w/photos, etc) but I don't know if I'm allowed to give my site in a post. All I can say is that it was almost indescribable, exhilerating & exhausting at the same time. Can't wait to do it again!

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    Default Hostels

    I'm about to do some hostelling (for the first time) on a trip to Scotland. Anything I should know before I go? I have already found out to take a small padlock for the lockers, and to take my own towels.

    And yes, we'd like to hear more about your Alaskan adventure!


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    Lynn Guest

    Default Hostels

    Hostels are great! I stayed at my first hostel during my first road trip in 2000. At first I was a little hesitant because I thought I might be "too old" at age 46 to stay at a "youth hostel". But now I know there are no age limits. They are amazing places to stay because they are inexpensive and because you do get to meet all kinds of people of all ages and nationalities. Everyone who stays at a hostel has one thing in common--love of travel. Barriers are broken, travel information shared, and friendships made. Hostels are located everywhere--from inner cities, to deserts, to everywhere in between! I learned how to write a web page after my first trip. In the web page I included tons of photos and information about hostels. It's Hostelling Across North America. Here's my web page: also,

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    Default Check out the Hostel resources on RTA

    While it needs some updating, there is some information about the best hostels we have found on the <a href = "">RTA International page<a/>.

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    imported_Brad Guest

    Default I live in Fairbanks.

    You are headed to the Land of the Midnight are going to have the most incredible summer of your life. I live in Fairbanks and it is a world class place. About no where else on Earth has as a summer as great...21 hours of sunlight, 75 to 80 degrees, no humidity, little bugs unless in the are going to love it. Email me- would love to talk further with you.

    By the way...I am planning a trip from here to DC in May, arriving over Memorial Day weekend...then returning across the North American coninent via Florida, LA, Texas, New Mexico, California and the like.

    I am looking for traveling companions along any legs of the journey...something that might interest you or anyone you know?
    Take care.

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    Moomin Guest

    Default scotland!


    I would definately reccommend stchrsitopher hostel in edinburgh! it's above a bar called belushi's and is cheap and a great location. the bar is rammed full of travellers mostly australians but it's friendly and a good laugh. edinburgh itself is an excellent plact to stay whatever your into.

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    Default Summer move to Alaska

    Hi, I was reading some of the messages on this site and also had some questions about moving to Alaska.
    Thanks for the Hostel idea we hadn't thought of that.
    We might camp a bit when we first get to Alaska. Are their any great campgrounds in the area around Anchorage or near Palmer?

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