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    I just happened on this website today and it seems like a great resource for my needs...

    I will be driving from Illinois (Champaign) to the San Diego area and need some ideas of must see places along the way. The options seem overwhelming! I have been in the US for only 3 years and would love the opportunity to see some vistas that are representative of the "American experience". Am planning to do the drive in 5 days so it seems like what I might need suggestions on are the best combination of scenic and quick routes.

    Ideas of good places to stop, tour and eat would be appreciated.


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    Default Places, routes and eateries

    Greetings Island Girl and Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I will be driving from Illinois (Champaign) to the San Diego area and need some ideas of must see places along the way.
    Here's a link to one of today's thread with a few ideas within Missouri, Colorado and Utah. Here's a post about San Diego's attractions and another one about Chicago. For more, check out the links at the bottom of this page.

    As for routes, if I were you, I'd take I-80, I-76 to Denver and then I-70 across Colorado. I-70 in Colorado and I-15 in Utah and Nevada are two magnificient scenic interstates and both all time favourites on this forum.

    Ideas of good places to [...] eat would be appreciated.
    Check out our Road Eats Page!

    Have a nice trip!


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    Default Take the 66

    The Mother Road, Route 66, runs right along the way. Not only will you go through the beautiful Missouri Ozarks, but you will see a real slice of Americana.

    I've especially enjoyed Oklahoma. These small towns, (some worse for wear since being bypassed), mom and pop motels, unique eating spots, and tourist traps. will give you a real sense of America.

    It runs right alongside I-55. I-44, and I-44 so you can get on or off at will. You might just find that you don't want to get back onto the interstates.

    Get a copy of Lonely Planet's Route 66 guide.

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog
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    Thanks for the help. I will look up those sites suggested.

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