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    Default Seattle to Southern California

    I from Australia and wanting to explore the west coast of the US. Iam planning to start in Seattle in April 2004 and drive down to Southern California.

    I plan to take about 2 weeks, but is this enough time ?

    Is it relatively safe driving at this time , given snow etc ?

    Can anyone suggest some more obscure tourist things to do along the way

    Appreciate your help


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    Default No problem

    You shouldn't have any problems driving this route in April -- I am not a native Californian, but I have spent a couple winters in the Northwest (Oregon). My guess is the only place you might run into icy roads would be if there happens to be a localized storm that dumps some precip on the coastal ranges -- this could give you a few headaches getting over TO the coast road from the inland valleys, but you should be able to easily find a way around such a problem, should one occur. Bob

    I think you could make a great trip out of this with two weeks. Check out the other posts on this route for some good ideas for things to see.

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    Like Bob said, you shouldn't have a problem at that time of year. If you're looking for an overview of the west coast of the US, your planned trip will definitely give you that. However, it will be a whirlwind and not give you time to really explore. There is so much to see and the countryside is so diverse. The coastal areas are wonderful, then you have the mountain regions, and then the eastern part of the states with some wonderful deserts, coulees, and other sites to see. I agree that you should poke around and think about what you would like to see and then come back and ask some specific questions. Have a great trip!

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