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    Default two days to launch

    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to get some last minute tips. I'm takin off on my fishin trip Saturday. Driving from Sacramento to Olympia, WA on Saturday, then heading over to Forks, WA for a couple of days. Just wanted to know if anyone has driven this area this week and how the road conditions are? I hear they are getting pounded with rain and snow.
    Also wondering how much of Crater Lake, Hurricane Ridge, and Mt. St. Helens are accessable, I read that they are mostly closed to snow, but still can be toured.

    Thanks in advance. I'll report when I get back next Thursday.


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    Default Roads are fine

    Here's a map showing where damage has occurred and explaining the repairs going on. Here's a written explanation of damages and repairs. Here's another written explanation of recent damages/repairs/closures.

    We had horrid rain December-January causing some slides on various roads in Washington state but, for the most part, these have all been repaired. And, while we did have a little bit of ice/snow last week in the Black Hills (the hills between Olympia and Aberdeen), that was only for one morning. Our weather shouldn't be too bad in the next week or two. I just checked the 10-day forecast for a few places along your route and, except for rain, there doesn't seem to be any severe weather warnings.

    Anyway, I've driven some of the roads you'll be on without any problems in just the last couple of days and I haven't heard anything from anybody else. I live in one of the towns you'll be going through to get to Forks so I'm pretty familiar with the area. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    Default Timely info


    Thanks for this very timely report -- I am sure Brett will appreciate it -- Great links!


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    Default Thanks

    Thanks a lot for the info Judy!! Doesn't actually look too bad up there. Can't wait for my first visit to the Pacific Northwest.


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    Default Big Fish Tales

    Well, when you get back you gotta share your big fish tales with us, OK? And anything else fun from your roadtrip.

    My husband just went fishing on the Quinault River a few weeks back and caught a very yummy 24# least I think it was a silver...don't remember for sure. I just know it's yummy! LOL

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