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    I think from what I have heard in a few of these threads is that people need to go back to basics if they want to make it from one part of the country to the other safely. In my experience I was travelling through Chicago and got into a 4 car pile up requiring me to get plastic surgery. In most cases problems like these can be avoided if we all take defensive driving courses. Look in your local area to see what they offer for you. Be safe. Anyone else have a wreck while they were traveling cross country or on a long road trip?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ironbee
    I think from what I have heard in a few of these threads is that people need to go back to basics
    I think that would be over-stating the risk a little bit. Knowledge of defensive driving techniques is a good part of any roadtrippers regime -- much like eating a balanced diet, drinking enough water, etc. We have published an excellent guide to defensive driving and hope that folks read these tips and incorporate these 70 tips into all of their daily driving.

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    Default Defensive Driving may be a Regional Issue..

    I saw a study released by several insurance companies on how many 'seasoned' drivers (as in have held a license for some years) could pass their state's written examination. I don't remember the specific numbers, but I do remember that Oregon placed first, followed by Washington in Second. Arizona placed 30th, and I don't recall who placed dead last. The point I am suggesting is defensive driving may be a regional mentality. I know having learned how to drive in Washington State I find myself more often than not shaking my head at drivers in Arizona. Don't get me wrong, there are bad drivers everywhere, I just seem to notice that some states (and regions, seeing as the top two in this study are in the PNW) either put a greater emphasis on driving rules and regs, or have better licensing programs.


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    Default Last was probably Louisiana

    We always seem to be last on all those lists and have an extraordinary number of bad drivers.

    I don't know about ya'll but I think that I'm more attentive when taking road trips. Not that I don't pay attention when driving in town, but I've lived here so long that I know where all the traffic lights are and what intersection I'm looking for to turn, etc. I've been in one real wreck and it was less than a mile from my house (other driver ran a red light going 25 over the speed limit). I wonder if I had not been so familiar with the intersection would I have spotted him earlier and avoided that wreck, instead of just managing to avoid being killed. Don't know the answer to that one.

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