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    Default NYC-LA and Long driving days

    Hi again,

    This forum was so helpful to me last time that I'm doing it again. I'd like to run an itinerary by you guys to see if you think its doable in the time I have. I'm especially curious about the feasibility of my driving times. So here goes:

    My girlfriend and I are starting in New York on August 21 and need to get to LA by September 1. 12 days. We want to try to get from New York to Chicago in day, then rest two days in Chicago. After that, we'll drive up the Mississippi to route 90 and go as far into South Dakota as possible. I'm imagining a long driving day, 10-12 hours. The next day we'll head to the Badlands and Mount Rushmore, then trek into Southern Wyoming. Then we'll visit Rocky Mountain State Park and cut across route 80 to either Durango, CO or Moab UT. (Any advice about which of the two towns is more interesting would be much appreciated.) The next afternoon we'll head into the Grand Canyon through Monument Valley. The rest of the trip is pretty easy: up to Zion, through Las Vegas, and into LA.

    My question is: how much can a person reasonably drive in a day? I personally have never had a problem driving for any length of time, but I've never had to drive more than 8 or 9 hours at once. Is it irresponsible to go 13 hours from NYC to Chicago? Or a similar distance from Chicago into South Dakota? Any other tips or advice for this trip would be helpful. Thanks a ton!

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    Default Long driving days...............

    Alex... hello.. I just finished my version of "cannonball run" from NJ to Phoenix Az in four days... longest day on the road was approximately 15 hours.. I took everyone's advice from here and rested several times during the day.. even if that meant only 15 minutes at a rest area.. And this trip wasn't a fun adventure, one 24 ft rental truck and two cars trailing behind with just 4 drivers... so everyone got plenty of time "behind" the wheel..
    I am not sure what distance you are talking about doing in one day... but I would think if you are sharing the driving duties with someone else.. you shouldn't have many problems in taking a long day or two in your travels..

    Don J

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    Default Solo!

    I'm the only driver! My girlfriend, a Parisian native, doesn't have a licence. Still, I think if you guys can handle 15 hours, I can do 13. Thanks a lot!

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    I'm on about the same wavelength as Bob. Those are pretty good guidelines.

    You might want to read "The Art of the Speed Run" for some suggestions for long drives.

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    Thanks Bob and Judy. Priceless advice as always. I think won't do the long drive on the first day, but I will on the fourth. One long haul in the course of the trip sounds doable.

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    Yes, as long as you know your limits and space the long hauls out, you should be fine. Have a good one!

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