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    We`re from the Caribbean and are planning to drive from Washington DC to Boston in july.
    We will visit Washington DC for four days, drive up to Boston and spend our vacation in Boston and surroundings for fourteen days.
    Our family exsists of two kids of 12 and 11 years old.
    Any tips are more than welcome.
    Is there any specific scenic drive we shouldn`t miss?
    Thanks for taking your time!


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    Default Driving the "Corridor" and Other Thoughts

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    I've made the drive from Washington to Boston many, many times and I have to warn you that it can be a bit hectic even on the weekends. If you go the shortest way, about 450 miles, you have to go through Baltimore, the outer edges of the Philadelphia area, New York, and Hartford. This route is heavily travelled and, depending on traffic, can take a dozen hours or more rather than the 7 to 8 hours predicted by mapping software and websites. There are alternative ways of making the trip that avoid most of the major cities, but are quite a bit longer, 580 miles for the one I'd recommend compared to the 450 miles for the short route, but are less apt to be crowded, and are a fair bit more scenic. I'll be happy to lay out your choices for you if you'd like something like that. If, on the other hand, you're looking forward to seeing those cities on your way up to Boston, then take the short option.

    Just a couple of suggestions for Boston and the White Mountains. In Boston, be sure to visit the US Constitution, "Old Ironsides", the oldest still commissioned ship in the US Navy, Tours of the ship are free. And in the White Mountains, the classic scenic road is the Kancamagus Highway, NH-112 between Conway and Lincoln. If you're a bit more adventurous, try the Mt Washington Auto Road to the top of the tallest mountain in the northeastern US. It's actually hard to find a non-scenic road in the White Mountains. If you've got other specific interests, I can probably think of some other things that you might like.


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    Default A Few Thoughts on Boston

    My wife and I visited Boston several years back. I have driven in a lot of cities, but this one has to rank as the worst. I've never seen so many one-way streets. The very historical part by the North Church were very narrow. I would suggest a bus tour if you really want to see the place.

    There was a very long and slow-moving line at the USS Constitution.

    One last thing, watch out for those traffic circles if you encounter one. I was never so scared while driving as I was on one we encountered. Heaven help you if you are confused and not sure what you're doing. The other drivers had very little mercy.

    Things may, however, be better, now that the deep tunnel? project is finished.

    We enjoyed running up the coast to Glouchester, Salem, and Salisbury Beach.

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

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    Default Boston Parking Blues

    Quote Originally Posted by RoadDog
    My wife and I visited Boston several years back. I have driven in a lot of cities, but this one has to rank as the worst. I've never seen so many one-way streets. The very historical part by the North Church were very narrow. I would suggest a bus tour if you really want to see the place.
    I agree that Boston is not an easy city, but, believe it or not, I do think some cities are worst:-) Like RoadDog suggested, to avoid getting lost or potential parking tickets, I think you should use public transportation : bus/subway to get from one point to another. A great way to visit the city is by foot and one of my favourite itinerary is the Freedom Trail. Don't miss Harvard University campus in Cambridge, Newberry Street dining experience, the North End (Little Italy) and browse the narrow streets of Charlestown.

    The White Mountain Trail is one of my favourite scenic drives in NH, including the Kancamaga Highway (rte 112) suggested by AZBuck. Here are other suggestions of scenic drives in NH.

    Have a great trip!

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    I went to white moutain on the thanksgiving, unfortunately, the washington auto road was CLOSED in winter, I don't know if it's operating now, it's likely not.

    There's a beautiful pond named "lily pond" in the Kancamagus drive.
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    Hi, Thanks for the tips.
    The alternative way to reach Boston sounds more interesting, we have all the time, so, no rushing for us.
    If you have a nice route, please let me know.
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    i just got back from boston a few days ago
    but, i flew, and i used public transportation the entire time

    it didn't look like a city that i wanted to drive in, especially since so many things are within a walking distance, and / or accessible by the public transportation.

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    Default Alternative to the Corridor

    The Interstate alternative to the trip up I-95 between Washington and Boston goes like this. Leave DC to the northwest on I-270 and I-70 west to Hagerstown, MD where you switch over to I-81 north. At Scranton, PA take a short jog on I-380 east to I-84 east which will take you to the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) into Boston. As I noted, this route is about 580 miles, which might be a bit much for a day with kids. But if you really do have plenty of time, you could take a couple of days and make stops along the way at Gettysburg National Military Park for a little history or just a chance for the kids to run, Another great, and little used, spot for scenery and hiking is Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, just south of Milford, PA. Shortly after you enter Massachusetts, there is a living museum of life in the early 19th century at Old Sturbridge Village. Finally, a slightly smaller scale couple of stops that are close to each other outside Hartford, CN are Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill, CN where your kids can make plaster casts of real dinosaur tracks (You buy the plaster at local hardware stores, everything else you need is at the park.) and a small three car ferry that's been crossing the Connecticut River for 350 years, the Rocky Hill-Glastonbury Ferry.

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