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Route 66: Online Resources and Books

Wigwam Motel Ghosts of the Mother Road: Compiled by Kathy Weiser, this remarkable site includes historical and current photographs, articles, tall tales, and memorabilia. This site may be the most complete Route 66 resource guide we have ever seen. For a special treat, be sure to look at the Route 66 recipes that Kathy has collected.
California Wigwam Motel: This venerable Route 66 landmark in Rialto, California, was built in 1949 and has been restored by its new owners. The site has links to a number of historical photos & descriptions of the seven (yes, 7!) wigwam motels built nearly sixty years ago. The one pictured above, in Holbrook, Arizona, is one of three still in existence. The third wigwam motel is open about eight months a year in Cave City, Kentucky.
Virtual Route 66 RoadTrip: Guy Randall's Tour of the Mother Road includes 4,566 photographs, historical anecdotes, and an up-to-date report of road conditions. To take a virtual road trip, open any one of the state pages (example: New Mexico), scroll down to the bottom of the page, and check out the map of the state. By clicking on any of the cities on the map, you will open a new page describing attractions on that section of the route. From that page, use the navigation links for "Route 66 West" and "Route 66 East" at the top of this page, or click on the next town shown on the map. When you reach a "new" state, simply repeat the process to continue your journey. This site offers the best historical and contextual overview we have ever seen on the Web. Enjoy the journey!
"CowBop" Hits the Road: Four country/jazz musicians left Chicago in "Clementine," a bright orange truck, on Route 66. Their mission was to travel the entire lengh of the Mother Road paying all expenses with income from gigs & CD sales.
Route 66 Summer Road Trip: Los Angeles to Amarillo with plenty of stops at famous hangouts like Oatman, Tucumcari, Santa Fe, and the Cadillac Ranch.
Rare Historical Photos: Route 66 through the Cajon Pass & over the Colorado River at Needles, California
California Route 66 Museum: This establishment in Victorville houses the unique art of Miles Mahan—a collection of discarded wine bottles attached to wooden posts that he called a cactus garden. The museum also has historical photos and artifacts found along the Mother Road.
Cool Stop on Route 66: Tedd Drewes is still serving up "concretes" on the Mother Road
Complete Route 66 itinerary with links to roadside attractions written by Jamie Jensen author of Road Trip USA.
Historic Road Signs: Including photos from Route 66
Roadside America: Offbeat tourist attractions (Use "search by attraction" by entering "Route 66")
Historic Goffs: Way Station on the Mother Road: Artifacts galore collected by the Mojave Desert Heritage & Cultural Association on display near Needles, CA.
Discover Historic Route 66: This site features maps, books and events for those who love"The Mother Road." Maintained by Swa Frantzen and chock full of great info, this site's claim that it's the "oldest updated Rte. 66 site on the Web" is undoubtedly true. The most remarkable feature is the outstanding map detail provided for each section of the highway, all the way from Chicago to Santa Monica.
Atlases & Maps: There is no substitute for a paper map. They never run out of juice, they don't need WiFi, and they work even when wet.
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Route 66 Books


Route 66 Adventure Handbook
Route 66 Adventure Handbook: 4th Edition
, by Drew Knowles

Route 66
Route 66: The Mother Road
, by Michael Wallis

Eternal Route 66
Eternal Route 66: Get More Than Kicks
, by Chuck Williams

Legendary Route 66
Legendary Route 66
, by Michael Karl Witzel


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