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    Default Denver bound

    Traveling with my son to his new job in Denver from Los Angeles. His truck that we must take is a Toyota Tacoma, not 4 wheel drive

    And no chains. What is the safest way to go

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    Default When and How Are Likely to Be More Important than How and Where

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I'm assuming from the wording of your query that this trip is coming up relatively soon, and that you are worried about winter weather. That being the case, there is no absolutely safe route or even a route that is generally safer than another. It will depend on the particular weather conditions at the time you are traveling and, even more importantly, on how much time you have for the trip. Under the best of conditions this trip will take you two days via I-15 and I-70. That's if, and only if, you've got a solid forecast, no more than a day or two before departure, that gives a greater than 90% chance of sunshine and no precipitation the entire way.

    With anything less than a perfect forecast, you'll be looking at three days minimum, either because you'll need a day or so to sit out the winter weather and let the road crews do their job before you get back on the road, or because you'll need to alter your route (to say I-15/I-40/I-25) which will add a significant number of miles. But even if you were to opt for I-10/I-25 (which would require a minimum of three days driving) there is no guarantee that you will not see snow or ice somewhere along it in winter.

    So, very generally, your best bet is the all-Interstate route with the best weather forecast for the period you'll actually be on the road. Budget at least three days for the drive and be ready to use a fourth day if needs be. I wouldn't worry at all about chains. If you've never used them and have limited to no winter driving experience, chains will only give you a false sense of security and could end up causing, rather than preventing, an accident.


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    Colorado has a traction law. When it's in effect on I-70, snow tires or chains are required. has a good mobile site for up to the minute issues.

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