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    Hello Travelers! I am flying to Seattle to collect my father's personal effects. I am renting a car and will be driving back to Little Rock, Arkansas. I have noticed that most sites suggest 2 different routes (both approximately the same length of time, save an hour or so). The I-90 route through eastern Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and then down through South Dakota, etc. The other route goes south through Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, etc. Which route should I take? Which route will be more scenic; therefore more enjoyable? I appreciate any and all feedback! Thanks!

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    How many days do you have to make this trip? You need at least 4 days.

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    If you're just looking for the more scenic or interesting drive, then I'd probably opt for the I-82/I-84/I-80/I-25/I-70/I-35/I-40 (more or less, with some connecting shortcuts and urban beltways). It just spends more time in more different interesting landscapes including the Columbia Plateau, Snake River Valley, Great Salt Lake area, Great Divide Basin, Laramie Mountains, Front Range, and Great Plains. You'll need four really full days at a minimum for the drive. With time for packing the car, a little sight seeing, unpacking in Little Rock, and accounting for time lost to time zone changes, plan on taking the rental for at least five days.


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    Thank you for the advice! I will definitely take it into consideration. I am not really planning on stopping a lot for sight-seeing (though I would LOVE to). I do have only 4 days to make the trip before having to return the rental car! Yikes! But to drive through such beautiful and well-known places sounds fascinating, for sure. Again, I appreciate your reply.

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    I have 4 days, lol. I will be leaving early Sunday morning and due to return the car in Little Rock the following Wednesday afternoon. I will most likely extend the rental by a day considering that I do not want to be pushed to the limit on that 4th and final day of driving!

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    I would definitely extend the rental another day. If you don't, you will be driving 600 miles a day, which is at the very upper limit of being safe.

    I'd recommend the following route, which can be done easily in 4.5 days:

    WA-18 to I-90 to I-82 to I-84 to I-80 to I-25 to Denver. Do *NOT* take the E-470 tollway, the rental agency will kill you with the toll bill, it's all electronic, no cash. Stay on I-25 to I-270 to I-70. Take I-70 to KC, you will have a $3 cash toll between Topeka and KC. Take I-435 around the SW side of KC to I-49 to I-40.

    I would suggest overnights in Boise ID, Rawlins WY, Hays KS, and Joplin MO. To get to the hotel district in Joplin, take I-44 west to Exit 8 and turn right. Retrace your steps to get back to I-49.

    (In Joplin, do not stay at the Sunrise or the Motel 6, everything else is acceptable)

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    Thank you for the GREAT advice! It is very much appreciated!! I will take it all into consideration.
    : ))

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