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  1. Default 5 days ride from NY to Detroit

    Hey guys.
    I'm really struggling with planing my road trip
    I have 4-5 to get to Detroit from NY and I want to use dose days to plan have some good road trip.
    1) I'm driving alone for the first time.
    2) I'm trying to find good national parks to see on my way so I would love to get some ideas.
    3) As I wrote that will be my first time doing something like that alone so I'm looking for tips for the best route to take.
    Thank you very much guys!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    You didn't say where your starting point is, and NY is a big state. But assuming it's somewhere around NYC, you are looking at about a day and a half's trip one way. Along your way ...

    Gettysburg National Battlefield - you could spend a couple of days here and not see it all. I know, hubby and I tried!

    Cuyahoga Valley National Park - near Akron OH - beautiful area.

    Do you have an atlas or a set of paper maps? Those make planning sooooo much easier, since you can easily see these things (that may or may not be on an electronic mapping program).


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    Are you planning on driving round the southern side of the Lakes, or are you interested in driving through Ontario?

    Of course the latter would require that you have a passport. None-the-less they are both popular routes.

    If going through Ontario, you could take US20 through upstate NY, rather than the turnpike. A historic route with architecture and place names from the early European settlement of New England.

    When you have your maps/atlas, check out route 6 through northern PA (assuming you are starting from around NYC) from Scranton to Meadville. Often referred to as a destination in itself, rather than just a route.

    As a first time solo traveller, be sure that you check out the hotel/motel room before you commit to it. Make sure the smoke alarm is working and that the room has a lock which cannot be opened from the outside - such as the chain or bolt lock. Both basic and essential security.


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