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  1. Default Detroit to San Fran in 3 days?

    My best friend is moving to San Fran and Im going along for the drive out there. We have to make it in 3 days, but neither of us have ever been out west before, so we'd like to make it as interesting as possible... any suggestions on a route, where to stop to rest, or fun, quick stops (isnt there a giant ball of string or something goofy we can take pictures of?)

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    Default Not Fun, Not Safe

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    I'm sorry, but you have some extremely unrealistic expectations.

    You are talking about a trip that is nearly 2500 miles. You can not safely make that drive in three days. It would require more than 16 hours a day on the road each day - that's before you'd even think about anything "fun" and that is beyond what you can safely do.

    No, having 2 drivers will not help. And there is absolutely no justification for why you "need" to make this trip in 3 days. If you were professional drivers, it would be illegal to even attempt it.

    Even with 4 days, you'd be at the bare minimum of safety, and that would leave virtually no time left for any of the sort of stops you are talking about. At this point, that's the only thing that should concern you.

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    Default Ditto.

    You really need to rethink, or get the car shipped and fly ! It's just not risking life and limb, yours, or other peoples that you share the road with and that is exactly what you would be doing.
    5 days is needed to make the trip somewhat relaxed, 4 days is pushing the limits but possible, but don't expect it to be interesting or fun.

    Find that time and have a safe journey !

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