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    Hi there, I am looking into a road trip next summer that starts and ends in Florida (don't want to spend time here just fly to and back) and includes the areas Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. I would really appreciate any advice on this as we have 3 weeks to do this and are wondering if this is a realistic trip within that time? Texas, Tennessee and Mississippi are the main areas we would like to see, but they are a little scattered around. Thanks.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    A loop trip, where you start/end in the same place but go different routes in each direction, would be the best way to handle your "scattered around" desires. Do you have an atlas or set of paper maps? If not, you can order an atlas from the RTA store, just scroll down, and it will be there in a few short weeks. Start tagging things you see on the map that appeal to you, and like magic, a set of routes will appear!

    Three weeks is pretty decent for a trip that you could make by going direct and back in about 6 or 7 days!


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    Thank you so much for you reply I just needed to know my times were ok. Now I can try to plan the trip and include all the sights we want to see.

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    If I was to take the following route over 3 weeks how many days would you suggest in each place. I understand it would depend on what I was wanting to see in each place but a ball park figure would help as a guide. Also any other suggestions on route would be appreciated if you think something else would work better.

    Florida ---- Georgia ---- Tennessee --- Mississippi --- Louisiana --- Texas --- Louisiana --- Alabama --- Florida.


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    Rather than listing entire states and having other people try to guess how much time you should spend in each of them - especially when you haven't told us anything about why you are interested in doing - I would really suggest you spend a little time and figure out which places in those states are your personal must sees.

    Once you have a better idea of what you hope to do, see, and achieve, then how you should break up your time should become a lot more clear.

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    Ok. I will take that onboard. I realise I have a lot more researching I have to do. Not done this before. Thanks for reply.

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    Default The easy way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stones View Post
    Ok. I will take that onboard. I realise I have a lot more researching I have to do. Not done this before. Thanks for reply.
    It will make it all much easier if you follow Donna's advice and get some paper maps, or an atlas. These have so many attractions ma4rked on them. You can then add to that by looking on the web for other things of interest in the same area.

    As you go along, a route will make itself evident, which you can then tweak whichever way.


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    Again thanks for reply. I took a fabulous road trip a couple of years ago from San Fran to Vegas, however we used a very detailed itinerary that my boyfriends friend had come up with for himself. I can now appreciate how much effort he put into it. I would also like to say to anyone new coming on this forum, do what I didn't do before posting, look at other threads even if it doesn't involve the areas you want to go to. I have found lots of information that will be helpful in my planning. Again thanks for all replies and hopefully I will be able to post on here a more detailed plan of action. Happy planning to all.......

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