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    Good morning from Texas, y'all. I'm planning a solo road trip to caves in Kentucky and possibly some in Tennessee. I'm looking for any information on caves that are NOT as well known as Mammoth, etc. (In other words, I'm not fond of standing in long lines with screaming children!) I'm going the second week in September - after said children are in school. Any advice on other natural attractions would be appreciated. I'm an experienced roadtripper but this is the first time I've used RTA! I turned to this source as I have limited time to plan this trip. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Some Cave Opportunities in Kentucky

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    Of course there are other options besides standing in long lines to get into Mammoth Caves, even at Mammoth Caves! When I visited there, I went early in the morning, in time for the first tours of the day. I stood in no lines and had my choice of tours. So that's one option. Another option in eastern Kentucky is Carter Caves State Park. I also visited there on the same trip, but simply took a hike around above ground, but again (and even though I was there mid-day) I saw no crowds or lines. Lost River Cave is another possibility. Owned by a non-profit, it offers tours but I have no personal knowledge of them. Then there's Hidden River Cave which is, I think, privately owned. I'm sure there are others as well.


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    I will second AZBuck's suggestion that to avoid crowds, go early in the day. Find out what time the visitor center/cave tour counter opens at Mammoth Caves, and be there at that time. This worked for us very well, over the years, not only at caves but at a lot of other places where tours were the way to see something. Don't miss Mammoth Cave for that reason!

    Another way to avoid a lot of the kids would be to take one of the longer, more strenuous tours, if you can handle it. Most parents won't take kids on a 5-hour walking tour, for instance.


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