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  1. Default shortest southern route PHX to Baltimore?

    I want to drive from Phoenix to Baltimore via the shortest southern route. I am from the Midwest originally so would rather drive through some of the south. Every time I have the website draw it I get the northern route but I have seen a southern route some time ago. Does anyone know it? Also sorry to be a pain.....but how do I then find out the fun roadside stops along the way that it does for the automatically created northern route? Thanks......I am super excited I found this awesome website.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, asking for "shortest southern route" is a bit of a contradiction, as the shortest route isn't what you consider to be southern.

    I'm guessing the route you are looking for would be I-40 all the way to I-81, through Memphis and Nashville, rather than going the shortest route through St. Louis and Indianapolis. That would add less than 100 miles. There are certainly other more southern options, like routes that would take you through Dallas, or even Houston and Atlanta. It really just depends how far south you want to be, and how much time you have (and thus how short it needs to be).

    As far as the automatically created map, if you're talking about the RTA Map Center, you can use waypoints to lead the map where you want to go, or you could even just make it two segments again, splitting it up at a point along the route you want to take.

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    Thanks so much. I am looking for that route yes. Thanks I will try putting on Memphis then as a way point and then it sounds like it should give me the southern route I desire. I do not want to do Missouri, indiana, ohio. I much prefer states I have never been to like Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. Thanks so much

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    I would take I-40 to I-81, then at Winchester VA take VA-7 to US-340 to I-70 at Frederick. This will avoid DC.

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    Default Off the interstates.

    Quote Originally Posted by kninedoc View Post
    I much prefer states I have never been to like Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee.
    You might like to get off the interstate in those States, and check out some of the many spectacular scenic routes. You will find scenic routes highlighted on all paper maps.


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    How long do you plan to take for this trip? Phoenix to Baltimore is about 2400 miles -- about 5 days of driving, not including stops for sightseeing, on the interstates.


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