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    We're heading from Austin, Tx to Las Vegas with our fifth wheel after Thanksgiving. I'm terrified of heights and driving on icy roads.....thinking about taking I10 to I8 and up Hwy 95 to Boulder city, Nv and on over to Las Vegas. Thinking that route will keep us as far south as possible to hopefully avoid bridges with black ice/bad weather and as low as possibly.
    Can anyone offer better route or suggestions?

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    When I first read your question, I thought that you were going to be driving a whole lot of extra miles for not much gain, but on closer inspection Your plan might be basically correct. There really aren't any major grades anywhere along either of your best available routes, but taking the direct route up to I-40 would entail a very long stretch on US-183, US-84 and smaller roads. Sticking as much as possible to Interstates makes more sense when towing. And in the end, you're only adding about 100 miles by taking I-10.

    However, I would make one change. Rather than taking I-8 all the way to US-95 near Yuma, only take it as far as Gila Bend. There take AZ-85 (near freeway quality) north to I-10 and then head east to AZ-303 (freeway quality) north to US-60 to Wickenburg and finally US-93 to the Las Vegas area. That would allow you to bypass the bulk of the Phoenix metro area while staying on good flat roads. US-93 is only two lanes, but it is flat and straight and traffic really moves along it.

    You will need at least two overnight stops no matter which route you take, but where exactly you'll need to stop will depend largely on how early a start you get the first day and what kind of pace you can maintain. Also, keep in mind that your best defense against having to drive in wintry weather or on icy roads is not staying south. I-10 and I-8 both see wintry road conditions at some point during the winter. Your best defense is time - having enough time to simply sit out any conditions that you are uncomfortable driving in. Let the road crews do their job, and when the sun comes back out resume your travels.


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    Makes a whole lot of sense...thank you!!

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    We used to tow a fifth wheel. You've had the best advice from AZBuck, the same as I would give. I actually think the 60 and the 93 are MUCH better choices than the 95. Hwy 95 gets really curvy in sections, and there have been numerous accidents -- including one that took the life of a colleague of mine and his wife (they were newlyweds). I know that accidents can happen on any road, at any time, but this particular road has been a problem for three friends of mine, including that colleague. Two are still alive to tell about it.


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