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  1. Default Driving from NYC to LA in November

    This is our ( I and my wife) first trip to US and we are going to spend 3 weeks in US from 1st till 21st of November .

    I would like to rent a car and drive from New York to LA .
    Is this a good idea in this season ?

    How is the weather and road condition in November?

    Which cities I should see on my way ?

    Anything you think I should know and be aware of .
    Thank you

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    Default Your choice.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Any idea for a roadtrip is a good idea in my book, but only you can decide whether or not it is for you. There is just no way of knowing what the weather will be like untill much nearer the time you travel, a few days before will give a good indication. The same goes for what City's you should see along the way, what ones do you want to see and do you have any interest in other things such as natural wonders. You should be aware that a one way trip will mean extra charges on your car rental for dropping it on the other side of the country.

    This may not sound like much help, but each roadtrip is unique and it's all about you. What I would suggest you do is look at maps and do a little research and see what really stands out to you. As you mark them on the map a route will start to form. Once you have the basics of your trip sorted we can help you piece it together and offer alternative suggestions but until then it's over to you.

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    Default One way vs. loop trip.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Things to be aware of?

    Driving cross country on a one way trip is very expensive. The rental company will put a one way drop fee of several hundreds of dollars on the rental. A loop trip, dropping the car back where you picked up is always much more economical. Flying into and out of the same city will also be much more economical.

    I have heard that renting from NJ is also cheaper than NY. You might also like to look into renting through a consolidator.

    Are you only focused on cities? What about some of the dozens of national parks, the many state parks, national forests, and wildlife refuges?

    Have you thought of doing a loop trip regardless of which city you fly into?


  4. Default Thanks

    Thank you both
    I guess I just don't know anything about US
    I should have said places or attractions instead of cities.

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    Default Learning from good maps.

    See if you can get a large wall map of the USA locally. That should show you a lot. A little screen just can't give that sort of detail.

    You could easily fill three weeks in an interesting and scenic route from NYC. However, if NYC is not the highest on your priority, then check out flying into and out of Denver/ Las Vegas/ Los Angeles/Phoenix or San Francisco.

    All these cities would give you access to some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet. However, cities in the east of the country are also well situated to make for a three week scenic and historical loop trip.

    I guess I just don't know anything about US
    Alternatively, if it is possible, would be to forget about this year and plan a trip for sometime next year, when you have had time to read most of this website and many of the forums. Then you will go knowing just what interests you most and where you wish to go.

    Having said that, my first trip I did not know anything either. I just went, hit the road and admired everything I saw and every destination. But then, I had much more time, and very good maps.

    If you can't get a good map, such as the National Geographics Wall Map, locally, may I suggest that even at this late stage you purchase a Rand McNally road atlas from the RTA store via the link at the bottom of this page. If you order it now, you will have it in a couple of weeks. It is invaluable, and will show you exactly what is where and all the routes between them. Including scenic routes.


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