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    Default Michigan to Florida in a 5th wheel

    We have done the car and hotels from Michigan to Florida,,now we are going to try the 5th Wheel travel....any advice on what route is best. heading to Cocoa Beach . Leaving Michigan around Jan 10th.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    One thing you'll find on this forum is there is no such thing as a generic "best" route. The best route for your trip depends upon your interests and goals. How much time do you have for this trip? Are you just trying to cover miles, or do you want to stop and enjoy things along the way? If so, what are your interests?

    I will say that even the fastest route is 1200 miles, so I'd plan for a minimum of 2 overnight stops while towing, and that's assuming good weather. Finding places to stop will be a challenge at this time of the year, as many campgrounds will be closed. Obviously, even if you find open campgrounds, using your 5th wheel isn't going to be all that easy either. You're going to need to keep it winterized until you get to Florida, so you won't be able to use any of the campers water features, and most trailers aren't very well insulated, so I expect you'll want some extra blankets, even with the heater running on high.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Years and years ago, when we lived in Illinois, we took a couple of winter vacations down in Florida with our travel trailer. Dad had already winterized the trailer long before we left, so we would only use it as a place to sleep until we got to Florida. Then we would un-winterize it. On the way back, we'd watch the weather, but Dad had already emptied the tanks (but hadn't blown them out yet). So it was sleeping-only. Eating was done at restaurants, or sandwiches on paper plates....anything that didn't have to be washed in a sink. Bathroom? Only at rest areas or truck stops. Campgrounds were few and far between till we hit Florida, so normally we pulled into a truck stop, and overnight-ed there.


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