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  1. Default How best to use this forum???

    I am trying to get help on a trip. My trip details changed a bit and I posted a new thread. However my new thread was moved to my old thread, which was pretty much a dead end since nobody was offering much. I would have happily changed my original thread, but I don't see that as an option.

    So, my question is, how can I get help planning in this forum if I have to stick to one thread per trip? How can I update to let people know I made changes to my trip and need help in a new, different way?

    I am getting ready to plan a 3-4 month road trip and was really hoping to utilize the help of these forums. But I can't seem to get help on my one small road trip. I am just wondering how better I can get help and information?

    Thank you.

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    I am a regular, not a moderator. But most of us regulars will look at "New Posts" and will respond IF we have a good idea for you. Admittedly, sometimes I find that a challenge -- as I try to offer from my experiences, and there are parts of the US that I have not thoroughly explored at this point. We all know that plans change, as mine have done both in mid-plans and in mid-execution of said vacation!

    I would advise: ask what you need to know, be detailed, and we can offer you more help than if we know very little.


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    Default We find that the' One trip, one thread' is the best way.

    I have responded more fully in your thread as you posted similar comments there. The fact is that every time you post it is highlighted at the top of that forum and each member will see it as clear as a new thread and all regular advisors will read. Your original thread had a response in it, which you did not respond to and your new post that has been merged was also responded to without reply, other than with regards to forum policy.

    As Donna mentioned, be detailed in your questions and we can be detailed in our answers. You have to do some research if you want to plan your own trip and share that info, for example: "Between LA and Portland we would like to stay in SF for x amount of time, perhaps see the Redwoods."

    I'm sorry, but we won't be changing the forum policy anytime soon as it works for a large majority of our members and more importantly, the few regulars that give up their valuable time for free to assist with trip planning. Seeing the whole trip develop through it's natural stages in one thread is not only easier to follow, it is of much more use to those lurking the forums and seeing the big picture.

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    Default 3 rules of thumb

    I think there are 3 things that will really help you get the best use of this - or really any internet forum. They really apply to anyone, but I will point out how they apply in your specific situation.

    1. Be Specific: Vague questions make it hard for anyone to give good advice. If you ask "what should I do between point A and point B?" You're probably not going to get a very useful response, because the number of options between those 2 points - if talking about a trip that's a thousand miles long - is probably in the thousands, if not millions. The more details about you, your trip, who is going, how long you have, etc, you can provide the better - but really the best thing you can do is give us some specific examples - as in I'm going from point A to Point B, and I'm thinking of stopping at points C, D, and E. That will really give others an idea of what you are interested in, and will narrow in ideas that would work into that trip.

    Initially you basically asked if you should use all of your time in Washington/Oregon, or if you instead spend more exploring while driving home. That's not something that anyone can decide for you, but we did try to give you some suggestions on how you might choose between those options.

    2. Have a conversation. When people offer ideas, and then don't get any feedback from you, they don't know if that's something that you like, and don't know if they should offer more ideas. As your part in the planning process moves forward, let us know how your trip is evolving, and that will often spur people of offer more suggestions.

    In your specific situation, you asked what should you do if you decide to drive home in 4 days, and after you did offer a specific idea, of the Hoh Rainforest, someone did respond with some ideas they thought you would also enjoy because of your interest in the rainforest. However, we never heard from you again, until a couple weeks later when you asked a new question, and then complained that your thread "wasn't getting any responses."

    3. Be respectful of those who are trying to help you. People who respond to your thread are volunteering their time, energy, and experience, to give you advice, that doesn't cost you anything. If you insult or dismiss what they have to say, it's not likely that others are going to want to give up more of their time to help you.

    The above case of complaining that you weren't getting any advice, when someone had responded is one example. Another example is from your new question in this exchange:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jocelyne View Post
    that would give me at most 7-days to get to Portland. Could we take the coastal route? Or is that pushing it? How would you break it up?
    Quote Originally Posted by Southwest Dave View Post
    Yes you could travel up the coast from LA into Oregon and over to Portland in 6 or 7 days. You would need at least one overnight stop and 2 days to travel between LA and SF. From SF you could make your way up to the Redwoods and continue into Oregon. You can cut across to I5 at various points if you run short on time, which will depend on how much time you spend at places along the way, you might want a couple of days in SF, or the Redwoods area for example.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jocelyne View Post
    Also, I know it is possible to get from LA to Portland in this time frame. I am looking for ideas from others on where good places to stop for the night are to make the drive a relaxing one and allow us to see and do things along the way...
    You asked a question, got an answer, and then gave a snarky response that you already knew the answer to your own question. You're not exactly inviting people to step up and help offer more suggestions when you don't seem to want the help you've asked for.

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    Default Being a member of the RoadTripping Community...

    Adding to the above comments -- it also helps if you spend some time educating yourself about your planned trip. In addition to the Trip Planning Forums, there are dozens of broad-view articles offering tips for taking road trips and scores more of route suggestions in the specific areas that you would be traveling. As a way of getting started, please look at the "How to Use This Site" tab (scroll to the bottom of that page for a list of trip planning tips) and this page that lists specific road trip routes that we've published.

    The trip planning forums were created to provide the means for exchanging ideas, tips and suggestions with others in the road trip community. And has been suggested, as a member of this community you will receive equal measure to which you contribute.


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