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    Hi everyone, I'm new here. My friend and I are both college students at the University of Florida. We have a week long break in between the summer sessions and we want to go for a trip somewhere! We initially had a whole plan to drive up to Montreal, hitting DC, Philly, and Boston on the way. After some consideration, we decided that was to much ground to cover in only 9 days. We're trying to come up with an alternative, but we're getting stuck. Some possibilities we've tossed around are going to Buffalo/Niagara Falls or going farther west to Chicago and then maybe over to Detroit. We are just less familiar with things/stops that we could hit on the way. We've already been to the Smokey Mountain area, but we love outdoorsy, hiking-type things (that work on a college budget!) Any input or suggestions would be super appreciated! Thanks so much!


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    Welcome to RTA!

    Doing DC, Philadelphia and Boston would be too much in 9 days -- you're right about that. So much to see and do in each place, and you couldn't even hit the highlights in all 3. Niagara Falls would be do-able, but it would take the better part of 2 days to drive there at 1200 miles.

    If I were in your shoes, and I had that time, I'd go to DC and park myself outside the city. There is SO MUCH you can do in the area. It's about a day and a half (900 miles) if you go up to I-81 instead of using the jammed I-95. You are within a quick drive of Shenandoah National Park where lots of outdoorsy, hiking-type things can take place. So many of the memorials and museums in DC itself are free or dirt-cheap. You are close enough to Colonial Williamsburg, as well.

    So much is possible! Do you have a paper map or an atlas? You could get one of the latter at a big box store like Wal-Mart. That's the best way to start planning.


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    Default Florida?

    Have you thought of spending the 9 days exploring FL? I could spend a month there and not see all the attractions they have. Each time I spend time in FL I discover something new. How is your spirit of adventure? Hit the road, and see what there is. Alternatively, go to the tourism office and get hold of their State map. It shows numerous attractions in the State. They also have an excellent booklet titled, Florida, been there, not done that. It has all the interesting places most residents have not even seen.

    Have you been to Ft Pierce and seen the murals? Dayton's Raceway and Beach? Historic St Augustin? The Everglades? Have you driven Tamiami Trail and Alligator Alley? Scenic route 40 through Ocala National Forest, and all the attractions there? Florida is much more than theme parks. It a goldmine of attractions. You just have to look for them, and appreciate them. There are also many cheap camping options.

    FL has a lot going for it, if you are on a college budget, you would save on fuel, be close to home in case of car problems, etc.

    Are you both over 18. If not, you may have problems with accommodation.


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