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    Hi my wife and I are planning to come to America in June 2017 for a road trip from NY to OR, we are going to have about 21 days.
    We are from New Zealand and have never been stateside before so we are doing some research on what to expect. We enjoy the smaller cities and towns being from a small rural town ourselves, but we want to see a few of the landmarks that are well known worldwide.
    We have drafted a itinerary some places are just a stab in the dark on a map between destinations so I thought I'd post our plan and if anyone wanted to offer any advice that would be great.

    Day 1
    Arrive in New York City

    Day 2
    Explore New York City

    Day 3
    New York to Utica - this is the first stab in the dark

    Day 4
    Utica to Niagara Falls

    Day 5
    Niagara Falls to Lorain OH

    Day 6
    Lorain to Chicago

    Day 7
    Explore Chicago

    Day 8
    Chicago to Cedar Rapids

    Day 9
    Cedar Rapids to Sioux city

    Day 10
    Sioux City to Oacoma

    Day 11
    Oacoma to Rapid city

    Day 12
    Rapid city to Gillette via Mt Rushmore

    Day 13
    Gillette to Cody

    Day 14
    Cody to Yellowstone national park

    Day 15
    Explore Yellowstone

    Day 16
    Yellowstone to Missoula

    Day 17
    Missoula to Coeur d'alene

    Day 18
    Coeur d'alene to Seattle

    Day 19
    Explore Seattle

    Day 20
    Seattle to Portland

    Day 21
    Fly home

    Thanks for your help,

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    Default Things I have found useful.

    Hi and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Great trip which will take you to and near many great landmarks - historical and natural as well as touristy. But you will want to know where they all are.

    Do you have some good detailed maps? If you are not able to get them locally, it would pay you to get a Rand McNally road atlas from the RTA store. You will have it in a couple of weeks. These maps have a wealth of information. They show the scenic routes and the old US highways, as well as the interstate freeways/tollways.

    If you are a member of your local AA be sure to bring your membership with you. It will give you access to free maps and tourist information from the AAA anywhere in the US. You could pick up all the maps of the States you plan to travel whilst in NYC. I would also pick up a good detailed map of Chicago, and any other major urban centre you plan to visit.

    Since this trip is not for a couple of years, be sure to get onto the Yellowstone website many months before you travel to book accommodation within the park. This is not essential, but highly desirable. Yellowstone has a very short season, accommodation is limited and much sought after. Sometimes in Jan it can be too late for accommodation in July.

    You will not want to have a car in NYC, so pick up a rental as you leave. I have heard that it is much cheaper to rent in NJ than in NY. As it is you will be hit with a hefty one way fee for picking up a car on the east coast and dropping it on the west coast.

    When you get the road atlast, be sure to spend a bit of time studying to see what there is along the way that interests you. Once you have some dots on the map the experts here will help you refine the route and help fill in the blanks.

    One other thing which you may find useful is to see if you can get hold of a National Geographic Map of the USA. If there is not one available locally, you may be able to get it from Mapworld. I particularly like the large one for all the information it has, but I see they are sold out. Not sure if they will be in stock again.

    Enjoy the planning, it is so much part of the trip. Try to keep a little flexibility, so you can explore unexpected gems along the way.


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