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    Hello, I was wondering if I can get some advice from more experienced drivers on reducing cost, or some general options to consider.
    This is what the trip looks like so far:

    For 3 Weeks - Miami to------ Tucson Arizona - Zion Park - Mesa Verde - then back to Miami
    5,447 miles total
    Used 2012 Jeep Liberty 46,696 miles MPG: 16 city, 22 Highway, on PLUS gas
    3 passengers, then 4 (picking her up in Arizona)

    I have $1000 saved up but I figured we wouldn't need to spend so much since it will be four of us, considering if we split the cost of gas and food from supermarkets, sleep on campgrounds or rest stops. I had four friends that did a road trip from Miami to New York for two weeks, each spending about $300 total on everything. But considering that our vehicle is larger, destination is much farther and for a longer amount of time, we'd be spending a bit over $800 per person (gas alone being around $300 each) and I'm sure to be missing other factors.
    Does this estimate sound realistic?
    What are some of your opinions on using your own car for this long distant drive?
    Is a 3 day drive to Arizona realistic for beginners?

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    Welcome to RTA!

    1. Sleeping in rest stops is illegal and unsafe in most states, Florida is one of the few exceptions. Truck stops are legal and safe with permission, but see (2).
    2. 3 people sleeping in a car is not possible to get any kind of meaningful rest. At the very least, campgrounds (NOT free), a tent, and sleeping bags, cheap motels are preferable.
    3. Use regular gas. A Liberty doesn't need high octane.
    4. Miami to Tucson is 4 full days.

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    Are you sure you would not be cheaper flying there and back? Sounds like a much more feasible idea than rushing along the black top without time to stop and see anything at all; putting wear and tear on your car and stressing over the cost.


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    I'd figure the experience would be worth the risk. But those are some good tips thank you!

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