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  1. Default Spring trip from Miami, Ok. to Riverside, Ca.

    We are going on a business trip the week of Easter. Husband has to be in Riverside Ca on Monday morning but thought we would leave Miami, Ok. on the Friday before and try to see some good stuff along the way and then same thing on the way back at the end of the week. We were thinking the Grand Canyon but wondered what else there is. We have no set route so we would love some ideas. Thank you.

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    Is Friday the earliest you can leave? You're looking at pretty close to a full 3 days of driving to safely make it from NE OK to Riverside, without any detours or extra stops. On that schedule, it would even be a bit difficult to see the Grand Canyon, as by the time you factor in the couple hours you need to detour to and from I-40, you'd barely have a chance to see this amazing wonder - that really needs at least a half day to a full day to even start to appreciate.

    As far as other ideas, without having any idea of what you might be interested in it's hard to narrow down the many many possibilities. I would start suggesting that you check out the RTA Map Center, which is designed exactly to show the many places right along your route that are recommended by RTA Contributors.

    With your time frame, you really don't have much of an option for routes - I-40 is pretty much the only option that will get you there in the time you have available.

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    While your in the IE (Inland Empire) make sure to take a drive through wine country Temecula) there are also hot air balloons there. And of course go to Old Town Temecula and get a rootbeer at the Root beer Company and sit on deck and enjoy people watching. Go to Murrieta home of one of the 100 most haunted places Kea Milling. Lots of places in the IE to hike and see. Enjoy your stay. And safe travels.

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    I live in Southern California, and can tell you that it took us 3 long days of driving to go from our house to eastern Oklahoma, back in 2011. So Michael's comments about not having time to sightsee at the Grand Canyon, is spot-on. If you can get an extra day going in either direction, you'd have time to see that beautiful national park's south rim. Otherwise, your overnights will probably be around Tucumcari, NM and then Flagstaff, AZ. (Avoid the Travelodge in Flagstaff, but the Super 8 and the Day's Inn are not bad. Both are near exit 201.) At Tucumcari, most of your lodging choices will be along Busn. Rt. 40 (old US 66).


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    Ok so if we leave on Thursday that will give us 4 days. We would like to see anything to do with wildlife, nature, or mountains. Any suggestions?

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    The fourth day should give you time to go see Grand Canyon South Rim. Stay in Flagstaff on your second night out, go up to the Canyon on the third day, overnight in Tusayan or Williams, then go to Riverside on the fourth day.


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