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  1. Default Looking for a trip of 12 days in December

    I am in Los Angeles and planning to go out for 12 days on Year end holiday. I have already visited Grand Canyon, Page, Arches, Bryce, LV, Zion, Death Valley, Yosemite, PCH, Banff, Jasper, Yellowstone, Monument Valley, Sedona. Initially I was planning to visit Arizona and NM part (Tucson, White Sands, Santa Fe, Mesa Verde, Grand Canyon) in my car. But I was realizing that I will not gain much from beauty and scenic point of view. There will be less number of beautiful places and large flat distances in between. Am I understanding it correct or missing something ?
    This will be my one time longest time in a year, where I can see places. I am not much into skiing, beaches and cities. Though beautiful, decoratives cities are ok and nice beaches are ok to drive through. Should I think of other places in US ? Any recommendations ?
    If some other place is too far to drive, one option for me to fly to some place and then pick rental car from there, roam around and return on last day and fly back to home.
    I do not have problem in driving in snow, just it should not be slippery.
    Thanks in advance

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    If I were you, I'd start by looking over the many fantastic suggestions you received when you asked nearly the identical question (twice) last year.

    Having said that saying there isn't much scenic beauty in the desert southwest is a pretty silly statement imho. I frankly can't even imagine how you could call all the amazing places you've listed anything but filled with scenic beauty. Yes, there are some long drives involved, but honestly, I find the statement so far off base, I'm not even sure how to tell you that yes, you are missing something. I guess I'll just say that yes, there are stretches that will be flat, but flat certainly can be beautiful, and even there, most of the places you've listed are actually in the mountains.

    I'm also not quite sure what you mean when you say you're ok with driving in snow, but it shouldn't be slippery - snow by its nature is slippery, so you can't really have one without the other. Again, many of the places you've listed are at elevations where snow is common in winter, so it is something you should be prepared for.

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    Thanks for replying. Based on previous year's suggestions, I covered few more places, including Idaho. I wanted to get more suggestions this year again.
    When I said "I do not have problem in driving in snow, just it should not be slippery", I should have drafted it in better way. I mean, I can drive on snowy conditions, if there is too much snow on road or danger of black ice, I can wait till it clears. So if any suggestion includes places, where I can see snow, it is ok with me.

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    Santa Fe would be a nice place to spend Christmas Eve. Farolitos and lots of good food.

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