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  1. Default From Eastern Shore Maryland to Arkansas - is there a way to divide route by miles?

    Hello all,

    We are recently retired and are planning a road trip to see my sister in Arkansas from the Eastern Shore. We have not done a road trip of this type before and I'm looking for insight.

    How does everyone plan where to stop along a route? My DH doesn't LOVE driving all day due to some medical issues, so I'm thinking I want to split this 1200 mile/18 hour trip into a 3 night trip, stopping after driving 5 hours daily (allowing time to explore along the way).

    I was hoping there was a way to plug in the route and then have recommendations of stops at 5 hour intervals.

    Or is the only option pulling up a map and route/directions and manually putting in the calculations to see which cities/towns will fit those timeframes? Also will be staying at dog friendly hotels along the way.



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    Without knowing your precise destination and, more importantly, your precise departure point, it's impossible to give you precise stopovers for five-hour segments, but assuming you're starting from Cambridge and headed for Little Rock/Hot Springs, then five hours a day would put your three overnight stops at roughly Natural Bridge VA, Knoxville TN, and Jackson TN. You can use the RoadTrip Travel app at the right to find accommodations in those cities, and you'll find a few nice places to take breaks along I-81 and I-40 listed here.


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