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  1. Default Boston to Orlando with 3 Yr Old

    This seems to be the most recent thread (that I have seen so far) similar to our upcoming travel plans. I am looking for any and all input on traveling from Boston to Orlando in two days - my husband, myself and our three year old.

    We were discussing leaving Satuday morning, stopping for lunch (in addition to small stops at rest areas) and letting the three year old get the wiggles out ... and then driving until dinner or maybe even after dinner to a hotel where we could stay the night. Getting up Sunday morning and finishing the drive. :) Any input on where would be a good place to stay or stop for lunch. I didn't think making this plan would be so complicated :) :) yet we are not able to fly ... so drive we shall!
    Any input and advice is appreciated!

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    Default Seriously Not Recommended

    Boston to Orlando is over 1300 miles, the first half of it on some of the most brutal highways in America. There is no way that we can recommend that you make this trip, not in two days, and especially not with a small child. You would have to exceed the maximum legal daily driving limit for professional long-haul drivers by 10% for two days back-to-back. Even then, you're assuming that you can drive in the time that software tells you is possible. Software has never actually driven the BosWash corridor. I have and I will tell you that if you get to and by Washington on your first day, you will not only be extremely fortunate you will be mentally and physically exhausted. Long before you reach Orlando, you will be putting your lives, the lives of everyone who shares the road with you, and the life of your child at severe risk.


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    Default Try three days.

    Buck's right. It could take you hours just to get past NYC, even on a Saturday.

    If I were doing this trip, and I do at least once or twice every year, I'd take the Masspike to I-84 and head down to I-81. This is a longer way, but will take you about the same time - 2.5 days min. - and leave your nerves in tact.

    If you want to really enjoy this trip, try making it a three day trip. Your little one will be much happier for it.


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    You might want to consider the Amtrak car train from Lorton, VA to Sanford, FL

    I agree with the above about your potential for nightmarish traffic through the NYC area - I do that corridor fairly often when visiting family and even though it's more miles, it's less time to do:

    90 to 84
    Danbury get on 684 South
    Exit 5, Saw Mill South
    Take 287 to cross Tappan Zee Bridge
    Continue on 287 to 78 West
    Follow 78 into PA
    Near Harrisburg take 15 South
    Follow to Fredrick, MD
    Take 270 South
    Take beltway 495 toward Virginia/Tyson's Corner
    Take 95 South

    If you opt for the car train, Lorton is off 95, just south of Springfield, VA (the "mixing bowl" area)......that point is 500 or so miles and will take you, if you time it perfectly for traffic, about 8 hours.

    If everything goes well and you have smooth sailing (often the case going through Danbury then over Tappan Zee into PA via 78) you can be into Lorton for the auto-train same day as you leave Boston. But, you have to leave Boston no later than 5:00 AM - with stops you can pull into Lorton by 2:30 and make the train's last auto time of 3:00.....but you'll be cutting it very close if you hit any traffic or construction delays.

    What may work better for you is to leave Friday after work and rush hour - get to between Danbury, CT and Ramsey, NJ - stay overnight and start your morning from there and catch the auto-train in Lorton.....less room for time errors.

    I'm suggesting the auto train since it departs at 4:00 PM and you travel overnight, arriving in the morning (I think around 9:00 AM) well rested if you get yourself a family bedroom! A car for the train is less than $200 - and saves you the driving!

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