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    Hi Guys,
    I am planning to go on a road trip from NJ to MI next week visiting friends in Grand Blanc and in Mason. I have a week and would like to have some advice on what to do either on the way or around these towns.

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    Unfortunately, I really can't help you much with your routing out and back (I tried) without knowing where in New Jersey you're starting from. Starting in Newark or Vineland results in two completely different routings. Also, knowing how much time you have for the transits, as opposed to time spent in and around Grand Blanc and Mason would be a big help.


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    I will be starting , probably on Friday afternoon, from Edison. NJ. Am wondering if I could take a break on the way near Marble head lighthouse (?You may suggest alternative) for a day or two before heading to Grand Blanc for one night there with friends and move on to Mason on Sunday or Monday, to spend couple of days there and head back to Edison. NJ with a day or so spare on the way back.


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    Depending on what time you leave Friday afternoon, what traffic is like, and how far into the evening you wish to drive, you are probably looking at stopping for the night somewhere between Dubois and Grove City in western Pennsylvania along I-80 (your main route out and back). That would leave you a couple of hours to leave your drive and visit Marblehead Light on Saturday and still get into Grand Blanc early enough in the evening for dinner with your friends. Note that you will pick up an hour of daylight, but not an hour on the clock, as you move west. That's the minimum it would take you to get there. You can, of course, take up to an extra day on this leg of the journey, getting in to Grand Blanc sometime on Sunday. You would also need an easy day and a half to get back to Edison. So it looks like you have time to wander a bit and see a bit. If wandering back roads rather than sticking to the Interstates appeals to you, then I'd suggest US-6 as an alternative to I-80 across northern Pennsylvania. You could also try OH-2 along Lake Erie, but I wouldn't recommend that on a weekend. I'm not that familiar with central Michigan other than its two major universities, but a couple of other options to visit on the way there or back would include Greenfield Village in Dearborn MI and the Bass Islands offshore of Sandusky OH as a complement to Marblehead Light.


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    Thanks for the suggestions.

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