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    In 2012 we did a roadtrip from LA-Monument valley-LV-SF-LA in four weeks.
    I really loved it, and i'm thinking about another roadtrip for 2014.

    Now i want to see The Rocky Mountain NP, Arches,Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier and Portland and Seattle.
    I've made a route in Google Maps which looks reasonable.
    See the screenshot.
    • I want to begin in Denver
    • The first few stops are quite 'close'
    • After Yellowstone it is a long drive to Glacier
    • After Glacier it is a long drive to Portland
    • If possible i want to go to Mount Rushmore

    Anyone has some tips? What can we do between Yellowstone and Glacier?
    And what can we do between Glacier and Portland?
    And what is a good place to relax for a few days?

    (The yellow line is the route from 2012)


    Thanks again!

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    Default A little more detail.

    Hello and welcome back.

    It's tough to make out the finer detail from your map because of the size of it. So is this going to be another 4 week trip ? There is quite a bit to do between Yellowstone and Portland via Glacier, but what are you thinking ? You could do each drive in a long day, or comfortably with one overnight stop on each leg, or with multiple days the sky's the limit and there are many route options.

    Don't forget Canyonlands while visiting Arches and there is much between RMNP and those parks to consider. You could also go up past Dinosaur NM and Flaming Gorge Res to the Tetons if you had no real desire to go to SLC. Rushmore is going to be quite a detour by itself. Perhaps if you posted your tentative itinerary and how long you have we can help some more.

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    Hi Dave,

    Thanks again,
    yeah is will be quit a bit trip again (hopefully). I'm hoping for 4 weeks.

    Out last trip we did some big distances in one day and it wend perfect. Most were 5 hour drives.
    The last trip was a 'famous trip' with lots of examples and ideas on the internet, but this one is a bit more custom build, and the aerea is less known by me :)

    I'm also thinking about starting in El Paso instead of Denver. So we skip the Rockies, and go to the White sands and Albaquerque.
    I think we see enough rocks in Glacier NP right? Of are the Rockies and Glacier two must sees?

    Between Glacier and Portland i think one stop in a hotel wil do. So we can drive more relaxed and make some stops along the way.
    But what good is betwen Glacier and Portland? I only know the 'Multnomah Falls' which are near Portland.

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    Default I would do RMNP.

    I think we see enough rocks in Glacier NP right? Of are the Rockies and Glacier two must sees ?
    I don't think you can have too much of a good thing and in my eyes each NP is unique in it's own special way, even though you can draw comparisions between many. In RMNP you also have the spectacular Trail Ridge road you can travel. We just travelled between Glacier and Yellowstone and stopped over in Great Falls and had a walk along the Missouri river, visited Perrine Bridge and went to Black Eagle and Rainbow Falls, it was a pretty nice place to spend a night.

    To Portland you could drive down Flathead Lake, on the east side near Polsen is Kerr Dam with a lovely scenic overlook. You could carry on south and across the National Bison Range, where we saw Bison [of course] Deer and a Black Bear. The scenic drive is about an hour and a half though, it's twisty on unmade road but one way only, so no turning back. Then of course the Columbia River Gorge [with the Falls] into Portland. There is much, much more and I'm sure someone will be along with more, but that's the one's I am familiar with.

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