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    I am planning a trip from NC to IL. It will be about 1300 miles round trip. I have a "98 Buick which turned 200k miles last month. A rental car for the week will cost $230. I have rental insurance through my credit card. I have been worried about my oil pressure gauge bouncing lately. What are your opinions about renting vs. taking my car. I was going to stop by the mechanic to check the light. I think it is more of a peace of mind decision. Thanks!

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    If you can get a rental car for the week for $230, I'd think that would make a whole lot of sense. At the very least, in addition to the peace of mind, you'd get to drive a nearly new car, and save the wear and tear on your own vehicle. The rental might even get better gas mileage, further offsetting the cost.

    Your car might be able to make the trip, - a mechanic would have to provide the answer - but oil pressure problems can be be the sign of a major engine issue so I think you've got some reason to be worried about your own vehicle.

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    If your oil pressure is bouncing, it might just be a failing sending unit - a very simple repair - but it also may be a plugged intake screen. This would require dropping the oil pan to fix.

    Take the rental unless you can get a clean bill of health for your car *and* you would prefer driving your own car.

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    Default Rental fee could go towards repair.

    To take this trip on you need to know your vehicle is in good shape and the servicing is up to date. However if it's a car you are planning to keep, the $230 rental fee could pay for a repair, or at least be a lump towards it. As was mentioned, get it looked over and then make an informed decision based on the findings. Also consider that no vehicle is absolutely beyond mechanical failure of some sort [even after a check over] and a rental would offer you the security of an almost immediate replacement vehicle if anything were to happen at no cost to you.

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