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  1. Default planning a trip from OR to NM and back - looking for cheap to do/see with tweens - link to our plans so far

    1st night in Legget CA - to check out trees

    2nd night in Bakersfield CA

    3rd night Flagstaff AZ

    4th -9th in Albuquerque ( need fun plans )

    10th night Cortez CO then see Mesa Verde

    11th night Salt Lake, UT

    12th night Bakercity OR
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    Default Purpose of the trip ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The two links here and here contain great ideas in and around Albuquerque.

    Your map doesn't really tally with your overnight stops. Sure you can drive over 500 miles to Legget in one day, but visiting a wildlife safari park on route would make an extremely long day with just a couple of hours at the park. It's a similar story from Cortez to SLC where you want to cover 380 miles and visit Arches NP on route, the park itself really needs 4 or 5 hours just to glimpse some of the attractions and get ut of the car to experience it. There is no mention of the Grand canyon nor is there really any time to stop and see it. From San Francisco you could head inland to Yosemite and then through Death Valley to Vegas and on to Flagstaff.

    I guess what I am wondering is do you have family or friends in Albu, or is there another reason you are spending so much time there when you are not sure of things to do, what is the purpose ? If you spent more time in the National Parks and visited 4 or more you could buy the annual pass for $80 that gains entry to all the parks for a year for the whole family. You just don't get better value than that, but it's what apeals to you and your family that matters. As it is a lot of your days are rushed and then you have 5 days in Albu and I think it could be better balanced.

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    Where are you planning on spending the night in Leggett? There isn't any lodging there that I know of.

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    Yes we have family in ABQ but need to keep the kids entertained during the day. I am so glad we found this site - I have NEVER done any traveling like this so needed to know where to start. Thanks for the info about the National Parks pass. I know I am dreaming big but that is why I began looking online for a reality fix - lol

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    I am calling today but there are a couple places in Legget I found online.
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    Default A reality fix.

    Have you involved the 'tweens' in the planning project. Have you laid a map out in front of them. Let them research various locations, and see what interests them. No knowing what great ideas they may come up with. Their investment in the trip will be invaluable.


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    Albuquerque: Check with the 'tweens before you do this, but we really enjoyed the National Museum of Nuclear Science (used to be the National Atomic Museum, I think). It's associated with the Smithsonian. We spent about 4 hours there and could have spent more time. We also enjoyed the Rio Grande Valley State Park. They have a small visitor center, but also hiking trails that will take you down to the river's edge.

    Seasons Rotisserie and Grill has some pretty darned good food, but for a family, it's a bit pricey. We ate there with a friend, up in the bar area, where food was good and less expensive than down in the restaurant. Our friend suggested one of the Mexican restaurants in Old Town, as well, but I'll have to ask him the name of it again as I've forgotten.

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