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  1. Default Road trip from NC to CA: routes to take, places to stop?

    Last year I drove my car from CA (SF area) to NC (Raleigh) because I was moving, and now I am moving back and will be driving across the country again! When I drove my car to NC, I drove around 10 hours a day and barely stopped, this time around I want to see more sights and make it more of a trip. I drove mainly 70 last time, going through CO, MO, etc. This time I am more interested in taking a southern route, maybe making some stops in states like GA and LA.

    I looked through the forums here and saw some great posts, and was wondering if I could get even more ideas here. I am open to ideas on which route to take, things worth seeing, restaurants worth going to, anything really. Trying to limit the mileage if possible, don't want to take any huge detours - I think just straight driving is 2800 miles, and I'd prefer not to go over 3500. Money is a big issue, I will be driving with my boyfriend and we are both college students, so we don't have much money. More looking to see scenery than amusement parks/aquariums/etc. Thanks for any help!

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    The thing about the 'southern' route, basically I-40, is that it will bring you close to a number of great national parks. If you were to pay separate admission fees to each of them, it would begin to add up. But you can get an annual pass at the first one you come to for $80 and that will provide admission to all the others. So what's within easy distance of I-40 that would be included in your pass? Mojave National Preserve, the Grand Canyon, Wupatki National Monument, Sunset Crater National Monument, Walnut Canyon National Monument, Petrified Forest National Park, El Malpais National Monument, Petroglyph National Monument, Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument, Black Kettle National Grassland, Trail of Tears National Historic Trail. From Memphis, I'd suggest that you cut southeast on US-78 through Tupelo to Birmingham and then go south down to Selma/Montgomery to check out the Civil Rights sites. Next you could head east to Warm Springs GA and visit FDR's Little White House, continue east through Eatonton GA, home to Bre'r Rabbit, and then head for 'home' in Raleigh, all for about 3100 miles.


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    Great ideas, I would love to travel to all those national parks. Thanks!

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