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    Default Road Trip to New Orleans

    We are leaving Los Angeles mid January (next month) and meandering our way to New Orleans. The plan is to sleep in the Yukon with our 2 big dogs and stay in the New Orleans area for a month or so. We have already driven and camped this way all the way to Inuvik about 2 years ago. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on where to car camp/tent camp in the greater New Orleans area that would be both safe and workable with the dogs. Thanks ahead of time for any advice.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

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    Unfortunately, Louisiana does not allow pets to spend the night in their state parks. There are a few commercial RV/camping sites in the immediate New Orleans area, but these are going to run you $30 or so and up for a basic campsite, and pet policies will vary from site to site, even depending on the breed of your dog.


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    Google on free camp sites / BLM camping and similar search terms. There is a host of sites and forums on the web which could give you the information you are looking for. You could stop some of your nights at truck stops which welcome RVs. These are all listed in a publication called The Trucker's Friend.

    And then there is stealth camping! There are complete forums devoted to this.


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