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    I'm driving down to Myrtle Beach in February and am trying to figure out the safest bet to avoid the worst of winter. I know that storms can happen anytime, but have been told by others to avoid the mountains. So far it looks like I-81 to I-95 is the way to go, but I'm not sure where I should transfer over to I-95. I've also been told that traffic around some of the cities can be bad, especially Washington. I'd rather drive a bit further and be safer, but I'd also rather not sit in traffic jams. I'm driving by myself, so will need to spend at least one night on the road somewhere. Any suggestions?

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    You've already made the best decisions you could have for this trip: Using the Interstates, Avoiding large cities and their potential traffic jams, Taking two full days with a good night's sleep in between. To further those aims, I'd stay on I-81 all the way to Staunton VA and then use I-64 to cut over to I-95 (Use VA-288 around Richmond). That adds a few miles but fits in well with your other considerations. Your overnight stay would be around New Market or Harrisonburg VA.


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    Thanks. That's what I was thinking but I wasn't sure if I'd be in the mountains if I waited until Staunton. Thanks again for your help!

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    There's no need to worry about winter on the Interstates. They are first priority to be kept clear and passable.

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    Thanks for all of your help.

    I am considering spending a night or two extra on the road, and seeing some things on my way. I am interested in seeing things in Washington, but the cost of staying somewhere and the cost of parking is scaring me off - I'm doing this trip on a very low budget. Any other suggestions on things to see or do? I don't want any great outdoor hiking or anything, just towns/cities or beautiful natural features that don't involve long hikes or anything. In the past I've stopped at things ranging from the 'cadillac ranch' to small museums to farmers markets...I'm really open to most anything.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tigerj View Post
    ... small museums to farmers markets...I'm really open to most anything.
    You can get a lot, if not most of that information from bulletin boards in places like supermarkets, in most small towns. It is amazing how much information these carry, which never gets into tour guides or onto the internet.


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    Default Washington on the 'Cheap'

    It's possible to see Washington DC without driving into the city and paying the outrageous parking fees. Just go to one of the Metro stations in the Virginia or Maryland suburbs, park your car there, and take the Metro into town. The major tourist attractions are all within relatively easy walking distance of each other, either on or near the National Mall. As for other places to stop, almost every small city or large town has a visitors bureau and/or local historical society, most of which emphasize local involvement in either the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, or both. I have found these smaller venues to be great places to simply relax and engage the brain, making a great break from driving. Just pull into town and start asking.


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