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    Default Driving conditions Seattle/Spokane to Kelowna, BC mid to late October

    I am thinking of driving from Seattle or Spokane to Kelowna, BC, Canada, between Oct. 19-29. I'm concerned about late Fall driving conditions on both routes. Any suggestions on the best route and driving conditions at this time of year? I do not drive in Winter. If I pospone the trip until Spring, 2013, what is the earliest spring month in 2013 I could consider?

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    Default Spring Road trip: Seatle or Spokane to Kelowna, BC Canada?

    Hi Guys, I'm planning a spring road trip from Seattle or Spokane to Kelowna, BC, Canada. Need help on the best routes and road conditions. What is the earliest month I could leave in 2013 to avoid snow? Thanks for your help.

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    It looks to me like the roads are a lot better from Seattle than they are from Spokane, it's going to be expressway most of the way - Trans-Canada to 5A to 97C. There's always the possibility of an early season snowstorm but all you need to do is check on weather and road conditions just before you leave.

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    Its kind of pointless to worry about seasons on a trip like this. Its only a 350 mile trip from either starting point, and you should be able to do it in 6 hours give or take.

    Even in the middle of winter, on most days the conditions will be clear and you'd have no problems with snow or ice. On the days were there is winter weather, simply waiting a day or two would make for an easy trip in nearly all cases.

    If you want no chance of snow at all, then I'd say your window for the trip would be May through September. But I'd say simply looking at weather forecasts and finding a clear date for whenever you want to travel would make much more sense.

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    Thanks for the expressway info...I have been on the expressways throughout BC ...But not on the US side/ Thanks for the help, I appreciate your responding, glc.

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    Very helpful info, and I must say, I am feeling much better about hitting the road up there in October now. Can you offer any advice on the best route from Spokane? Again, many thanks -- I am grateful for the help.

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    From Spokane, it doesn't look like there's an easy way to go, you either have to do it on all 2 lane roads with mountain passes or go a LONG way around.

    The most direct route is US-395 to Kettle Falls, WA-20 over Sherman Pass to Tonasket, US-97 to the border, then BC-97. Sherman Pass is maintained year-round but you WILL have to check on conditions.

    Taking US-2 to US-97 adds 90 miles.

    Another option is US-395 to the border, then BC-3 (Crowsnest Highway) to BC-97. BC-3 is mountainous and winding.

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    Default Bc 3

    GLC, Thanks for Sherman pass route info - I needed it. I drove Spokane to tedious two lane US395 to Crowsnest BC-3 Laurier border crossing last summer- BC-3 going West to BC97 winding, 2-lane, tedious, but mostly in the valley--I found going East to Cranbrook was a greater challenge w/continuous crazy winding mountain curves. I was hoping the Sherman pass route would be easier,faster -- But now I realize-- thanks to your post -- there is no easy way from Spokane.

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