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    My husband & I are considering a November trip in the RV during the week of Thanksgiving. I have always wanted to visit Savannah, GA and thought that the Georgia wineries may be fun as well. This is my first time to plan a RV road trip & I am completely clueless as to where to even start... We have 8 days & will begin our trip in Mississippi. Any suggestions on places to visit, diners, senic routes?

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    What to see and do will depend a bit on where, exactly, in Mississippi you're starting out from. But assuming somewhere in roughly central Mississippi, and that you'll be roughly following I-20, doing some cross-country, and finishing up with I-16 into Savannah, then I can make a few general and few specific recommendations.

    Generally, RVs are not known for their maneuverability in urban settings. Use that to your advantage when you go to eat, for example, and simply plan on parking the rig in a large parking lot and walking around the center of town, getting a feel for the place, and checking the ambience and menus of several possible restaurants. You'll work up an appetite, make a choice that suits you, and have gotten to know a bit more about someplace new. I'd also suggest that you stay as often as you can in state parks as these are quite often quieter, more scenic, and cheaper than commercial sites.

    A few specific sites that I've enjoyed in that general area would include the Old Cahawba archaeological site outside Selma AL, Selma and Montgomery for their Civil Rights history, FDR's Little White House in Warm Springs GA, the Andersonville Prison National Historic Site, and Etonton GA with its Uncle Remus connections.

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