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    Default Smartphone SIM cards

    Planning a trip Great Western 21 day Adventure. We plan on using a smartphone on the trip which will provide the following functions :-
    1. Satnav (Im happy with Google Maps Navigation and also have a copy of Sygic wwhich I can highly recommend.
    2. Time lapse recording - Using Lapse It Pro to record the car journey and some scenery stuff (sunset / sunrise).
    3. General photo and video recording of the adventure. (geo tagging)
    4. Local info / web search and staying connected to RTA of course.
    5. Calling hotels / restaurants and fingers crossed emergency calls (no international or inbound expected).

    Id like to upload any videos / pics we take to a blog/facebook/twitter. Any video files will be uploaded overnight, we will have a laptop too as a backupo for all files and keep the smartphone freed up. So as you can see staying connected will be important.

    I have the Smartphone which is unlocked so can connect to any network (not 4g but im sure an upgrade will come before the trip), what I need is a SIM card that provides plenty of data So far the only site that looks up to this is ulysse's mobile unlimited . Anyone had any experience with them or have a better idea?


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    Looks a bit expensive, but we don't have anything equivalent here. AT&T and T-Mobile are our only 2 carriers that use a SIM, and neither one has any kind of unlimited talk/text/data plan.

    You need to clarify what networks you will be using - AT&T's voice/data coverage is pretty decent, but T-Mobile's is pretty bad when you get away from cities and major highways.

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    mmm I will see which network they provide the sim for.

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    Default Yes, I too have investigate those plans.

    There is a similar plan available in Oz. A few years ago I investigated it, but way, way out of my budget.

    You'd be better off getting a prepaid sim over in the US, even though it may not serve all your needs. A traveller from Oz, whom I met in AK, had his own (smart?) phone, a prepaid plan, can't recall how much, but he had voice, text and web through, I think it was T-Mobile. He was very happy, even updating his blog with photos. And if I recall correctly, he also used it as his gps.

    He found it worked well, except in the most remote areas of AK. All through Canada, WY/CO and west of there in the US he did not have a problem.


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