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    Default Las Vegas Tours or Public Transportation

    We're going to spend a couple of days in Las Vegas and would like to see some of the newer casino/hotels that have been built since our last visit in 1996. However, I know that even in '96, driving around on the Strip area was not a great deal of fun. Does anyone know of any guided tours of the Stip and it's casino/hotels? Or, is there public transportation along the Strip? We'll be staying downtown at the Golden Nugget.

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    Default Trolley: No ----- Busses: Yes

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    Unfortunately, the tourist/Strip oriented Las Vegas Trolley has ceased service, but Las Vegas does have a bus system with routes that include the Strip and passes that are good for 1, 3, 5 or 20 days.


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    We've caught the deuce bus and it's great. If you don't want to do public transport you could try the hop on, hop off bus. I think is around $35 per adult for 24 hours. You can also get a 48 hour pass. They do night and day tours. Do a google search for hop on, hop off and you'll find them. There's also limousine tours that take in all the big hotels and the las Vegas sign - they'll even give you a glass of champagne! Best to do a quick search in google - the choices are endless. Remember your walking shoes if you're going to explore the Strip!!

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    Thanks guys - The Hop On Hop Off double decker looks like an option.
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    Taxis aren't all that expensive either.

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    To me, $35 sounds insanely expensive for what is essentially a 24 hour bus pass. I'd bet that taxis would be significantly cheaper if you're talking about a couple of people.

    Having said that, I also enjoy staying downtown and have used the regular bus system to get around and found it to be quite easy. Plus, its 5 times less expensive, being just $7 per day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifechangingyear View Post
    We've caught the deuce bus and it's great.
    What is the deuce bus?

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    The Deuce is the name of the route for the City Bus that runs up and down the strip. There is also a bus that runs between the strip and downtown.

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    OK Guys - Thanks for the info.

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